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Does your product, service or company need a boost? Look no further! The Sole Sisters offer a fun, fabulous and travelicious venue for your business to get more exposure. We are a travel blog with a unique story, fresh design and well-written, travel-centered content.

Who are our audience and readers?

The majority of our readers consists of young, adventurous travelholics who can't wait to go on the next trip. They are always on the lookout for cheap travel steals, exotic destinations and life-changing experiences. We share our travel stories around Asia and give useful travel tips on saving for your escape fundtraveling with a buddy, and looking chic and while on the road, just to name a few.  We are building a community of weekend travelers, hardcore backpackers and digital nomads.

What’s our current blog and traffic statistics?

Sole Sisters is already 4 years old and we continue to grow our readership globally because of our dedicated and unique style of writing and publishing. Every post is oozing with passion, excitement and authenticity.

As of Sept 2, 2014 our statistics are:
Alexa Rank: 488, 072
Page views per month: 32, 762

Our social media stats:
Facebook Fans: 6,440
Twitter Followers: 2,315
Instagram: 1,175

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Sole Sisters is looking for companies and brands who are interested in an engaging long-term partnership. If you feel like learning more, please send you inquiries to solesisters.weare(@)gmail(.)com. We would love to work with you!

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