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Are you up to your neck in research, preparation and planning your Ultimate Escape? Feel like pressing the panic button now? Or saying 'Uncle!'? Confused? Overwhelmed? On the brink of giving up? Or pulling all your hair by one?

calm is overrated
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The Sole Sisters have gone through the same thing you're going through right now. We know exactly what's going on inside your head. We know the questions you've been asking yourselves over the past days/months/years. Trust us, we know.

In the interest of saving you from untimely baldness, we share our experiences in planning our 6-month Southeast Asia trip. We've documented everything for YOU and others like you, a whole new generation of backpackers. Hopefully, these will get you ready to hit the road in no time. If not, at least it will let you keep your full head of hair a little while longer.

For when you don't know which way is North, South, East or West:

Getting Ready (To Press the Panic Button)
- Lois shares how her last 8 weeks, before leaving for India, went by. And how she got a bad case of the heebie-jeebies.

3 Weeks 'Til the Big Trip (or See Chichi Panic!)
- Chichi starts the countdown to the BIG trip...or it could be a countdown to her nervous breakdown.

2 Weeks 'til the Big Trip (or See Chichi Panic Even More)
- And Chichi's breakdown looms even nearer...

1 Week 'til the Big Trip (or See How Chichi Really Freaks Out)
- The proverbial straw that broke Chichi's back.

On the Path Unwinding: The Sole Sisters' Southeast Asian Journey
- How do you plan for a 5-month backpacking trip around 7 countries? How do you decide which country to start? How do you prepare for a trip of a lifetime?

For when you don't know what to bring or how to fit everything: (such is Chichi's plight)

DSC_0355Travel With-it Thursday: The Sole Sisters' Search for the Perfect Partner
- The road to marriage or a long-term relationship is plagued by choices, doubt and hard decisions.  Finding a backpack is the same thing. We give you the scoop about our standards for men errr backpacks and how we found 'The One'.

The Sole Sisters' Top 5 Travel Essentials
- 'What items can't you leave behind when you travel?' The Sole Sisters have been asked this question many times so we decided to reveal what's in our travel packs.

Inside a Chic Backpacker's err Backpack
- How does an ex-fashionista pack for 6 months on the road? This will be a toughie...

Pssst! Check out our Travel With-it Thursday series for more things that you can stuff inside your backpack. Like this ultimate multi-way dress, a passport holder that will show your Pinoy pride, or this amazing VPL zapper. What's VPL, you ask. Read on to find out!

For when you want to rob a bank in order to achieve your financial goal:

Piggy savings bankThe Sole Sister's Guide to Saving Up for Your Escape Fund Part 1- We share 5 tips to get you started on hoarding those moolahs. We show you that you don't need insanely rich parents or to sell your flesh in order to save money for your own backpacking trip.

The Sole Sister's Guide to Saving Up for Your Escape Fund (Part 2)

- The Sole Sisters are on a roll! We came up with 5 more money-saving tips that still don't involve selling your flesh.

Confessions of a Shopaholic Sole Sister

- This is the story of how Chichi went from shopaholic to backpacker diva. Hello! My name is Chichi and I am a shopaholic. It's been 6 months and 25 days since I last indulged in euphoria-inducing heartbeat-accelerating retail therapy.

I'm Giving You Everything I Own
- This is the story of how Chichi found the courage to sell the heart of her heart, her wardrobe and shoe collection. This is the story of how she held back tears in order to raise HALF the amount needed for her escape fund.

For when you want to shout and share your plans to the world (Ahhhhh!):

Dear Dad, I've Quit My Job to Travel the World
- What can be more nerve-wracking that telling your Dad that you've quit your 5-year career and giving up everything for travel? It's another pulling-your-hair-out kind of moment. The cherry on top? We're both Daddy's girls.

Can You Keep A Secret?
- When we annonced to the whole world (the online one anyway) that we were quitting our jobs to travel Southeast Asia, it was the point of no return for both of us. Nerve-wracking? That would be an understatement.

For when you're feeling down-and-out with all the prepping stress:

My So-Called 2-Suitcase Life
- Sole Sister Lois shares how she is still left feeling tempted and unconsummated by her love of travel even after 2 years, 3 continents, 4 countries and 5 moves.

How to Get Exactly What You Want in 2011
- The end is near. There is light at the end of the tunnel. We can go on and on with motivational cliches but why don't you just read how to make your dreams happen.

10 Travel Bloggers Who Inspire Us To Suck Out All The Marrow of Life
- These great group of people have done what we all aspire to do. What's more....they are still doing it. We look up to them for inspiration.

The Universe Conspires
- Call it fate, call it destiny. Call it coincidence. You can call it whatever you want but all we know, and are thankful for, is that we've been blessed since the start.

Maybe you found the information you were looking for. Maybe you even found claritiy and inspiration. Or you had a few chuckles after reading our stories. What's more important to us is that you will know, at the end of the day, that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

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This is our way of making travel happen for ourselves and we had you in mind. Now it's your turn!

See you on the road,
The Sole Sisters


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