If you’re planning an event, workshop or retreat focused on blogging, digital nomadism, finding your passion, surfing, empowerment, travel and food photography and other related topics, I would love to be your collaborator! I’m currently based in France and Portugal but I’m willing to travel. I can be your co-organizer, guest speaker, workshop facilitator, communications strategist or creative consultant. Check out our previous events.


Do you have an event, brand, or product that needs a face or a story? I’d love to help you attract the right clients and get the word out there. Please take time to go through this blog to see if our values are aligned. I’m all about travel, surfing, passion, empowerment and the alternative lifestyle. I’m also open to selling unique products on our online shop.

Writing and Photography

Are you looking for a writer and photographer who can write the story from a fresh perspective with an authentic voice? I’m passionate about sharing my experiences and allowing the reader to see through my eyes. For a preview of my published work, please see press.

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