Sole Sisters was initially created by 2 colleagues who had a mutual passion for travel and adventure. Both wanted to travel around Southeast Asia and have even put it on their 30 before 30 list. Five months later, the travel buddies have:

- started this travel blog
- created an itinerary
- quit their jobs
- saved up for their escape fund
- and embarked on a 6-month long trip all over India and SE Asia!

Meet the Sole Sisters

Sole Sister Lois

Sole Sister Lois has traveled extensively and has called the USA, Germany, Switzerland, Thailand, France and the Philippines home in various stages of her life. When she's not having adventures around the globe, she can be found surfing and organizing workshops and retreats focused on Passion, Freedom and Empowerment. She just recently got married and now has a healthy baby girl. She is currently based in Europe trying to find a home base for her small family. She is the co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of We Are Sole Sisters.

Sole Sister Adi escaped from the corporate world so her life now happily revolves around yoga and travel. She lives a simple, eco-friendly lifestyle and inspires those around her to do the same. She shares her AntiGravity and yoga practice everywhere she goes and dreams of building rustic Secret Spot hostels in beautiful tropical destinations. She's currently on a Southeast Asian adventure with no end in sight. Follow Adi's journey on Love the Search.

Sole Sister Lauren

Sole Sister Lauren grew up in rural Oregon, where she spent most of her time swimming in local rivers and waterfalls, hiking nearby forest trails and searching for hidden faerie homes in fallen tree trunks. For over three years, she has been traveling and drawing comic books about her adventures throughout Europe, Southeast Asia, the UK and Australia. Get your dose of humor and wanderlust when you check out her travel comic, The Wandering Orange.

Sole Sister Rica

Sole Sister Rica is a 'foreign filipina,' born in Indonesia and raised in the Philippines. She writes beyond the border, for people who want to travel or work abroad. Recently she left her corporate job, and is now travelling around SEA before starting her next chapter in chasing her dreams. Moving abroad starts her journey to experience the world. Check out her stories on Foreign Filipina.

Sole Sister Stephanie

Sole Sister Stephanie grew up in Manila, then moved to California at the age of 14. But her home is on the road. She's a nomadic photographer, wanderer, adventurer, and dreamer who lives for capturing moments of bliss, the infinite beauty of life, inspiring hearts, reigniting spirits, wanderlust and moments of Satori. Follow her journey at Satori.

About the Sisterhood

Sole Sisters are travelers who make travel happen for themselves and for others. We are women from all walks of life who defy the challenges and accept the uncertainties of life on the road. Our aim is to connect with like minded people who continue to travel, share their stories and empower others to find their own adventures.

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Make Travel Happen,
Sole Sisters

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