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Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Their ladies-only floor is named SHE by Metropark. Sabs Bengzon reports on the female-friendly concept in Hong Kong’s infamous Wan Chai neighbourhood

*Details of the Sole Sister discount at the end

 We already knew the age of the female traveler has come, but didn’t realise how strong a force it was. This hotel in Hong Kong’s buzzing Wan Chai district spotted the trend and immediately came up with an offer to fit the needs of women-on-the-go.


Welcome treats

A couple of months ago, my best friend and I spent an extended weekend in Hong Kong and based ourselves at Metropark Hotel Wan Chai. Coming from the airport, J and I took the free Airport Express Shuttle Bus to Wan Chai district, notorious for being the “red light zone” in Hong Kong.
Apparently, that’s one of the reasons why the hotel conceived the female-only floor concept as well - for women to feel safe in an area bordering Lockhart Road, which is that glaring (but fun!) neon strip of bars and clubs on Hong Kong Island.

That’s not to say that Wan Chai is a bad area to be in. The neighborhood is packed with historical monuments, quirky and affordable restaurants, hip rooftop bars, a waterfront promenade, new pedestrianised F&B zones, even hiking paths uphill (we actually explored a nature trail one evening).

But more on that later.

The author checks out the streetscene below

“2016 has well and truly seen the rise of the wander woman. Over the past few years women have tipped the scales and have become the majority of travelers over men.” – Mapping Megan

A Floor Just for Women

Designed specifically for the peace of mind and security of women travellers, SHE by Metropark immediately set itself apart from the usual hotel accommodation. Men are not allowed in this floor of the hotel, and even the housekeepers are all women.

They even have a jewellery stand to hang your trinkets in the bathroom

We walked into our room, which struck me as cozy and comfortable. The differences from other hotel rooms were in the tiny details. The chamber was thoughtfully designed for the “fairer sex”, with black and pink rose-patterned curtains and an accessory stand for jewellery in the bathroom.

Laid out on the table were special gift bags from the hotel, which came with several items any woman may need on her trip: a mini-brush, makeup sponge, tweezers, nail file, and nail cutter.
Girls who check into this floor get a welcome pack of beauty amenities for free in the room. 
The nail file was a lifesaver.

The housekeeper would also come in every now and then to give us small treats (mint chocolate Andes when we were there) throughout the day.

According to Forbes, “women are fueling an explosive growth, making 80% of [travel] decisions and [in 2014 were] expected to spend more than $125 billion.”

Handy Smartphone: Hassle Free Wandering


Aside from all the girly stuff, in the room we also found a Handy mobile phone, which the hotel provides free to all guests. It’s a smartphone you can take with you around the city, including unlimited 4G service with the capability for local and international calls.

The operating system of the phone caters especially to tourists, suggesting activities and shops to visit in the area, and offering promotions to its users. And while a lot of other hotels charge for Wi-Fi use, Metropark has speedy internet available in your room for free.

Leafy Escapes a Short Walk Away

One evening we were feeling restless and wanted a quick break from the city. A few seconds on Google Maps got us following the Wan Chai Green Trail away from the concrete jungle and up to the famous Bowen Road Fitness Trail, halfway up the hill, which winds through the greenery revealing picturesque views of the city skyline. We came across few other joggers while getting much needed fresh air and time away from the busy streets of Hong Kong.


Walking Wan Chai

Wan Chai is moving away from its reputation as a red light district as it becomes more and more gentrified. A quick walk around the area revealed awesome new foodie finds (ie. the colonial-era historic building turned resto-bar The Pawn and its surroundings, Star Street, Ship Street, and Landale Street).


Lee Tung Avenue

We explored Lee Tung Avenue, a cute little pedestrian street filled with shops like Moleskine and Staedler. We grabbed lunch at Le Pain Quotidien, hipster boulangerie and organic cafe overlooking the main street, where the double decker tram whizzes by every now and then.


Le Pain Quotidien
Another evening was spent at a sky-high Italian restaurant called Pirata, with cheese and cold cuts appetisers and good pasta dishes. Just another few minutes’ walk from there was Wooloomooloo, an open-air rooftop bar and chill lounge, where we had a few cocktails with friends who lived in the area.

A few hundred meters from the hotel, less than ten minutes’ walk, I spent two hours going around Pacific Place’s supermarket deli, Food Hall. Conveniently, the hotel is only five minutes’ walk from the Wan Chai MTR station, which allowed us to easily navigate to the other areas of Hong Kong.

Sole Sister Discount

Planning a trip to Hong Kong soon? Metropark Hotel Wanchai is offering Sole Sisters a discount on top of other discounts - just use the Discount Code: solesis.

1) Do not select ‘promo code’

2) Type in lower caps

3) Two locations to insert the code (see below)

    Discount: HK$40 reduction per booking on top of most of the promotions
    Room Type: All
    Black-out Dates: N/A
    Code Validity: Now til 30 September 2016
    Staying Period: Now til 31 August 2017
    Booking Page: https://goo.gl/YjuUky

Special thanks to Metropark Hotel Wanchai for the complimentary 2-night stay at their SHE by Metropark floor, soon to be renamed SHE for Ladies.

Metropark Hotel Wanchai Hong Kong is a lifestyle business hotel centrally located on Hennessy Road, in the heart of Wanchai – Hong Kong’s commercial, shopping and entertainment district.

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