10 Ways to Spend Less and Travel More

Friday, June 24, 2016

We all want to travel forever don't we? But there's always something standing between our dream destination and where we are: that dreaded bank account balance. What if I told you that there's a way for you to spend less money and travel to more places? 

These tips are things we can all do. It just takes a little bit of sacrifice and a lot of creativity. 


1 Stop Spending Unnecessarily 

Months before my planned trip, I always have my mantra on replay "The less you spend here, the more you get to spend elsewhere." For example, if I have the itch to buy some new clothes, books or whatnot, I just imagine myself in a place I've never been and buying things from there. Suddenly, my impulsive need to make a purchase disappears, knowing that I can get something better if I can wait a little more. 

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2 Cancel Recurrent Fees 

If your account gets automatically debited for anything you don't really need, just cancel it. You can survive without your gym membership, postpaid cellphone subscription, or movie club membership, can't you? Try to replace them with other things to preoccupy you that don't cost that much. Think of other costs you can do without, your weekly salon appointment, that daily cup a joe, expensive rent... Perhaps it's time to downsize your lifestyle and use your savings to explore a new country?

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3 Sell Your Stuff

With social media, anyone can do a virtual garage sale these days. Perhaps it's time for some spring cleaning and take out any unwanted items from your place? Decluttering, upcycling, recycling and letting go of some possessions can do wonders.  A few used things you can get rid of that can add to your travel fund: bags, clothes, furniture, gadgets, equipment, watches, books, etc. You may think some of these are worthless, but other people may be willing to pay for them. 


4 Book Ahead 

Sign up for budget airlines seat sale alerts so you can be notified of cheap flights. If you book months in advance, flights and accommodations may also cost less when the demand is low. 

5 Avoid High Season

Do your research in advance and find out when is low season at your planned destination. Chances are, accommodations, tours and other expenditures will cost much lower than usual. Even just a few weeks before or after high season can save you a lot of money. 

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6 Use Online Travel Agencies

One of the main benefits of using travel agencies like Traveloka is being able to compare flights and accommodations not just based on rates and prices, but also on reviews. It makes things a lot easier and your choices become less complicated. You can also view facilities that each hotel offers and what popular sights surrounding the hotel. They don't only help users find the best price of flights and hotels, they also provide assistance in case of problems during pre-departure. This user-friendly experience comes with non-stop customer service.

7 Find Freebies

Travel does not have to be expensive, sometimes it comes free or at a small cost.

Transportation: Get free flights with travel points through your credit card or frequent flyer miles.  To get from point A to point B, consider hitchhiking (where it's safe), biking, or walking. You can also try ride sharing like BlaBlaCar

Strangers We Know: Meet Jorgelina

Accommodations: Find friends or family living in your travel destination and ask if you can stay with them. Alternately, you can also ask to stay with locals via couchsurfing. You can also offer to house sit or do a home exchange. Some hostels offer free food and lodging in exchange for work.

Make Travel Happen 2 - Volunteers

Gear: Specific gear for winter, sports or specific activities like mountain climbing can cost a fortune. Try to borrow or barter. Also try scouring second hand thrift shops. 

Food: Always ask if breakfast comes free wherever you are staying. Sometimes, even though it's not clearly offered, some establishments can include meals in the price if you ask nicely.

Groups Discounts or Perks: If you're traveling in a group, ask your tour operator or hotel/hostel if you can get a discount or some add-ons. They might be willing to lower your cost or include breakfast or even a massage to get more business.


8 Look for Volunteer Opportunities 

They are so many opportunities to volunteer all over the world. To start with, think of a skill or a talent that you can share to create value. Then find establishments, companies or organizations that can benefit from them in exchange for covering some, if not all, of your travel costs. Some examples would be teaching yoga, teaching English, working at a hostel or bed and breakfast, teaching children, and so much more. Check out WWOOF and Helpx for more volunteer opportunities.

9 Find Work in a Foreign Country 

There are so many websites that offer jobs that allow you to travel, live and work abroad. Here are a few examples: Workaway, Backpacker Job Market, Start Me Up.

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10 Travel Full Time

If your job allows you to work remotely, why not make travel your lifestyle? Instead of having to pay for rent or a mortgage, car payments or internet and mobile fees, you will be able to roam the world and not have to stick to a boring routine. Clearly, this move is not for everyone. But if you decide to become a full time traveler, you will certainly get to experience the world at your own pace and live a remarkably unconventional life.

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How do you travel more? Share your tips in the comments sections!

Sole Sister Lois has traveled extensively and has lived in Asia, the United States, and Europe. She is currently based in Europe with her husband and daughter. She is the co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of We Are Sole Sisters

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