7 Reasons to Visit Malta

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Malta is a melting pot of customs and traditions, with Roman, Arabic, and British influences which make it a fascinating destination for your next holiday . How can we convince you? Then here are our top 7 reasons you should visit.

La Valletta


As you approach Valletta’s imposing perimeter of walls and moats you’ll understand why this veritable fort and Malta’s capital city is soon to be the European Capital of Culture. A UNESCO world heritage site boasting a varied history, fabulous baroque architecture, museums and churches. However, Valletta has a troubled past, during WWII Valletta was the most heavily bombed city in Europe, meaning for anyone interested in history exploring the underground tunnels is a must, Lascaris War Rooms are open to the public where you can experience Malta’s underground military command center first hand.

blue hole

2. Diving

Last year Malta and Gozo were voted the 2nd best destination for diving in the world beating out the likes of Thailand and Indonesia. Crystal clear waters and a huge variety of marine life and shipwrecks makes this a fascinating scuba diving location, whether you are an experienced diver or a beginner you must make time for this once in a lifetime opportunity.


3. Food

Traditional Maltese food is very rustic, think hearty stews, fresh fish, good soups, and pastries. Eat like a local and try a pastizzi, flaky pastry parcel filled with ricotta or mushy peas, followed by a rich rabbit stew and a warm pastry filled with dates for dessert, normally served with cream or ice cream making it similar to an apple pie.
St. Pauls Cathedral

4. Mdina

If you fancy a change from the hustle and bustle then head to Mdina and spend an afternoon wandering the ancient streets, visiting the world famous sites like St Paul’s Cathedral Museum and enjoy the mosaic, marble and the beautiful paintings that adorn the walls and ceilings. Stick around until the evening and have dinner when the old town is illuminated — a truly magical experience.

Malta: Gozo, Azure Window

5. Boating to Gozo

There are many companies offering great value tours which will take you from Buggiba to Comino island, Blue Lagoon, Caves and then Gozo where you can spend a few hours taking in the sights, like some of its 46 churches, a huge amount for an island measuring 8 miles.

Grand Harbour and Salute Battery

6. Upper Barrakka Gardens

For those interested in photography then Upper Barrakka Gardens is not to be missed, with its panoramic views across Valletta’s harbour it is the perfect place to get some holiday snaps. Head at lunchtime to cool off from the midday sun in these shady gardens, head to the little cafe for a refreshing drink and a spot of people watching.

7. Malta Falconry Centre

It may seem like a slightly odd suggestion for a holiday activity, but the Malta Falconry Centre is outstanding. For a large selection of birds, great show and a hands-on experience then head there for an unforgettable addition to your trip.

Malta is a Mediterranean archipelago full of surprises; these are only 7 sights you might want to explore on your next trip, you’re sure to find many more along the way in this unique destination.

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Images by Shadowgate , Charles Haynes, Martin Lopatka, Berit Watkin, Andrew and Annemarie, Shepard4711 and Beta-J used under the Creative Commons License.

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Ellen Harty studied leisure and tourism and has lived in 10 different countries, funding her travels with work as a tour guide. She speaks four languages.

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