Top 10 Family Attractions In Brazil

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Brazil is a great place for a family holiday. The Brazilian people are nuts about children and there are stacks of child-friendly activities to entertain your little ones. From wetlands teaming with wildlife, the Amazon Rainforest, stunning beaches, spectacular waterfalls and adventure trips, young travellers will be spoilt for choice.

View from Sugarloaf Mountain
Photo Credit: Frank Wulfers

1. Sugarloaf Mountain

This 600 million-year-old peak has stunning views of Rio de Janeiro. Giant cable cars take you to the top with a stop on the way up at Morro de Urca, a smaller mountain. Another option is to take a helicopter ride from Morro da Urca and circle the famous peak.
DSC00030/Brazil/Rio De Janeiro/Corcovado Peak/ Christ Rédempteur/O Cristo Rédentor/
Photo Credit: dany13

2. Christ the Redeemer

The 130 ft-high statue sits on top of Corvacado Mountain, Rio’s highest peak. You can get to the top of the 2,300 ft landmark on a minibus tour or kids will love riding the electric train that winds through the heart of the Atlantic Rainforest.

Morro da Urca, Rio de Janeiro
Photo Credit: nfalsey

3. Morra Da Urca

A 30-minute hike to the top of Morra Da Urca is one activity you can do for free. On the way up, look out for the local wildlife including marmoset monkeys. You can rest at the top on the large patio before heading back down.
Wait for me...!
Photo Credit: Mario Lapid
4. The Tamar Project for Endangered Sea Turtles

This conservation project in the fishing village of Praia do Forte near Salvador is a big visitor attraction where children can interact with these fascinating creatures.

Lagoa Rodrigo Freitas
Photo Credit: Rodrigo Soldon
5. Rodrigo de Freitas Lake, Rio de Janiero

Ringed by a seven-kilometre path, this is a great place to relax with the family. Rent a bike and pedal around the shore or hire a pedal boat and explore the lake. There are several cafes and playgrounds to keep youngsters entertained.

Photo Credit: Roberto Hungria
6. Pantanal

Lying in Western Brazil, this is the world’s largest wetland. Kids will love wildlife spotting, which can be done by walking, boat or horseback. If you’re travelling by car, don’t forget to take out direct car excess insurance to avoid paying the excess in the event of a claim.
Iguazu Falls
Photo Credit: mark goble
7. Iguassu Falls

On the Argentine border, these thundering waterfalls are bound to fascinate youngsters. There are many walkways through the park and you can take a boat ride under the falls and get soaked.

8. Parque das Aves

Close to the falls, this park is home to over 800 species of birds, also butterflies, snakes and other reptiles. If they've seen the movie Rio, your kids will love a visit to this feathered sanctuary.

Amazon Rainforest
Photo Credit: CIFOR
9. Amazon Rainforest

Most trips start from the historic city of Manaus. A visit will give kids a fun and educational experience. Stay in a jungle lodge or go on a tour to learn how to survive in the jungle.

Galheta Beach - SC - Brazil [Explore}
Photo Credit: Aureliano Nóbrega

10. Beaches

With a 4,600-mile long coastline, Brazil has plenty of beaches to choose from. Some of the best are around Rio and Sao Paulo. Rio’s Leblon Beach has a baby area as well as organised activities for older kids.

Where are your favorite family destinations? Share in the comments below!

Sarah Geller is a travel enthusiast, with specific interest in countries situated in the South American Continent. Leaving her home in America, she has now resided in Argentina, Chile and Brazil where she has spent the last 3 years relishing the thriving lifestyle and documenting her travels.

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