The Most Empowering Destination for Solo Travel: Bali, Indonesia

Sunday, August 30, 2015

I wasn’t going to Bali for any other reason that just because I wanted to. I didn’t want to ‘find myself’ ‘start a journey’ or ‘get away’ from something. In fact, I was slightly sad to leave my new home Hong Kong, even if it was just for 2 short weeks. You see, I was completely and utterly happy in my current situation. So I wasn’t going to Bali in search of anything.

But it seemed Bali was searching for something in me.

I guess I should have seen it coming, after 4 1/2 years of constant travel I now travelled with an open heart. I fell in love with places so quickly, yet I honestly never expect to.

But this trip to Bali was different, I not only fell in love with the place, but I fell in love with a feeling. The feeling of being an independent female traveller.

And seeing so many other women doing the same.

Here’s where the hippy part comes out; I never felt so empowered.

Pineapple house Bali4

Bali has a community of young women from all around the world that either live there or are brought back there time and time again to visit. They practise yoga, surf, open cafes, design clothes, make jewelry, paint, and everything in between. 

They are all creative inspiring women.

And I was lucky enough to spend my time with one of them: Rachel Fearnley. Rachel is originally from the U.K but has led a life exploring this planet since the age of 18. She now lives in Bali and runs The Pineapple House Yoga and Surf Retreat in Canggu where I stayed with her for a few days.

Rachel Fearnley

She has a simple mission with the retreat: To empower women (and men) to find the best in them self through the purest form; exercise, freedom and friendship. However she lets you do that in your own way, she is just there to guide you.

Rachel Yoga

As a yoga teacher, she practises most days and invites you along to go with her. When you arrive at the retreat she gives you a local phone with credit on and encourages you to use to it call your own taxis, call restaurants or arrange local trips. She will give you all the best advice of where to go and what to do, but she helps you step outside your comfort zone and do it all yourself. She doesn't live in the Pineapple House and she has her own work schedule so she leaves you to your own resources most of the day.

Rachel Yoga at Pineapple House

Now maybe this all sounds simple. We can all call our own taxi right? But the thing is, a lot of people come to Bali and get everything done for them, they will stay in all inclusive resorts and eat at the nearest restaurants. Rachel wants you to fall in love with Bali like she did and believes there is no other way than discovering it for yourself.

Still sound too easy? Well, let it be. Solo travel is easy.

sarah @ PH pool

Let yourself feel empowered, recognise being part of a community of independent women, all riding their scooters to yoga every morning, or sitting in cafes typing away at their latest book. Rachel has created the perfect atmosphere. Come and go as you please, get as involved as you want.

But let Bali affect you in your own way. Make your own story.

I chose to go to yoga every day, most of the time with Rachel, but also alone. As a fairly novice yoga practiser, I felt inspired by all these women that turned up every morning and was motivated to do it myself. But I realise Rachel didn’t influence that, I did that myself, she just made herself available and kept me informed of the classes. I chose to go every day because I really wanted to. Some other women who were also staying chose to wake up early and go surfing. We all did our own thing, then came back together at the Pineapple house and shared our stories.

Pineapple house living area(2)

I have been travelling solo for a few years now. I feel completely comfortable this way. In fact, it is my preferred way of travel. But until I spent time at the Pineapple house I didn't quite realise exactly why it was my favourite way. Getting to meet so many incredible women fulfilling their dreams and travelling the world really makes you aim higher, and really makes you realise that things you want are possible too.

Pineapple house Bali1

For women looking to take on their first solo trip, I couldn't think of a more perfect way to start. Just having Rachel's friendship (which you will get within the first few hours) will help you realise the sky's the limit. If you want her to, she will teach you how to ride a scooter, tell you where you should head next, relate stories of times she worked on a boat or became a yoga teacher in India. Her retreat offers the simplest of pleasures, friendship, exercise and empowerment.

Pineapple house Bali5

As a Sole Sister, when I come across places and people like this, you are the ones I want to share it with first.

So I never looked for anything from Bali, but it didn’t mind, It gave me so much.. and now I get to share it with you. Go out there and take on the world. And say Hi to Rachel for me..

The Pineapple House offers a Surf & Yoga package which includes:

- 3 nights villa accommodation in a private bedroom with en-suite bathroom
- Breakfast every morning
- 1 group yoga classes led by world class instructors
- 2 surf sessions (lessons, coaching or guiding)
- 1 in-house massage
- Mineral water, tea & coffee
- Complimentary high speed wifi
- Airport transfers

Pineapple house Bali2

Simply Yoga package

- 3 nights villa accommodation in a private bedroom with en-suite bathroom
- Breakfast every morning
- 3 group yoga classes led by world class instructors
- 1 in-house massage
- Mineral water, tea & coffee
- Complimentary high speed wifi
-Airport Transfers

Both packages are for $499 (USD) per person. Check them out online and on facebook

Special thanks to Rachel for my wonderful complimentary stay with Pineapple House!

What do you think is the most empowering destination for Solo Female Travel? Share in the comments below!

Sarah of Coffee with A Slice of Life is a 26 year old professional world wanderer who has been travelling the globe for the last 4 years, one cup of coffee a time. She is in love with the open road, and writing about it, and will do almost anything to keep living her dream... Follow her on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.


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  1. Awwww Thanks Sarah for the beautiful write up with your beautiful, thought provoking world! We look forward to welcoming you back to The Pineapple House again soon! xxx

  2. I admire the friendship that both of you have built. Great story and experience. Will definitely go to Bali soon. :)

  3. Bali is a beautiful place. I have been to Bali once and I just had a great time there. It was amazing reading your blog!

  4. Hi! I just read your lovely article, it is very useful to plan my trip. I'm going to Bali in the next few weeks and I would like to get ready to make the best trip possible.
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