5 of the Best Attractions in Prague

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

It can be tough planning a holiday, trying to make sure you’ve got enough activities to keep you entertained. However, this is not an issue you will have in Prague. This charming and eclectic city has everything you could want, a huge art and culture scene, historical sights and bars and restaurants lining every street. Whether you’re booking a full-blown holiday, a stop on your inter-railing tour or simply a Prague city break here are some picks of five things to keep you busy while you’re in Prague.

Finding Time
Photo Credit: Howard Ignatius

The Astronomical clock

It might be a cliché, but the Orloj Astronomical clock is still a sight worth seeing in Prague. Not only a unique and impressive structure it has a fascinating history surrounded by legend. It is said that the clockmaker Hanus had his eyes burned out with hot pokers so he could not replicate his masterpiece elsewhere. As revenge, legend has it that Hanus then destroyed his creation which no one was able to repair for more than 400 years. A fascinating tale of beauty, betrayal and above all determination and triumph the Orloj should still be at the top of any tourist's list.
The Pub
Photo Credit: sikeri

The Pub

Despite its very uninspiring name The Pub provides drinkers with a completely new experience. A self-service bar, tables have their very own beer taps attached to them with a touchscreen interface allows them to track their intake against their friends and even compete with customers The Pub’s other establishments. Not only do the touchscreen’s allow you to play the ultimate drinking game they also allow you to call waitresses or order food directly. Not something you’re likely to find in the pubs back home.

Photo Credit: Polly Allen


Step back in time with AghaRTA, an old school underground jazz bar has an authentic feel. The small venue, while providing outstanding acoustics retains an intimate feel, packed with small tables, and much more reasonable drinks prices than you’d imagine from the middle of Prague’s old town. Fallen in love with the artists playing? AghaRTA even has a small store to allow you to purchase CD’s by the performers.

Tanz der Schiffe auf der Moldau
Photo Credit: helst1

Letna Park

A favourite amongst locals, Letna Park has been largely undiscovered by tourists there is no better place to sit in the sun and watch the world go by, or track down one of the beer gardens dotted around and have a cold refreshing beer. Visiting at sunset will provide you with the most spectacular panoramic views across Prague. The perfect way to immortalise your trip without wasting money on souvenirs.
Photo Credit: eta 4ever

Prague Zoo

Finally, zoos can sometimes be a controversial sight to recommend, however, no one that visits Prague Zoo could claim that the animals aren’t given the utmost care. With a large selection of animals ranging from polar bears and penguins to tigers and giraffes, Prague Zoo has it all. Entry costs are also very reasonable, set aside a whole day to see the zoo, though, it is very spread out and you wouldn’t want to miss anything!

So that's our top five sights to see on your next visit to Prague. No matter what your interests are, add these to your list and you will not be disappointed!

Joanne Travis left her job in the financial sector to go adventuring and volunteering across the world. Her favorite country so far has been Thailand.

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