10 Reasons Why You'll Fall In Love With Portugal

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I've been to some parts of the world that I've found so magnificent and jaw dropping- but I would never want to live there. I've also been to places where I have considered staying forever, only to pack up and leave again.

But most recently, I've found the haven where I could actually relax and feel safe. Somewhere close to the sea so we could surf and swim every day if we wanted. We've searched everywhere. From Baler, Siargao, Penang, Chiang Mai, Manila, Versailles. And now, we're finally in a little village in northern Portugal.

Settling Down Portugal1

1 You'll love Portugal for the waves.

There's just so many waves. If you look at Portugal on the map, you will see it's just one huge chunk of coastline.  It is one of the best countries for surfers, in fact the largest waves ever surfed in the world were in Portugal! But it's not just for the pros. There's plenty of waves to be enjoyed anywhere.  Waves you can learn on and waves that can smash you. The goal is to find something in between.

From experience, the waves are usually big and punchy. But there are also days when it gets small enough for beginners and long boarders. But it's not just about the waves. It's the uncrowded beaches for most of the year except for about 2 months in summer. It's the freedom of not having to line up just to catch a couple of waves. It's the contentment of knowing that you don't need to rush or be greedy, there's more waves tomorrow.

And the best part? It's the only place where I have ever surfed alone on a good day. You have no idea how that feels! It's like your birthday and Christmas rolled into one. It's ride all you can!

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Settling Down Portugal2

2 You'll love Portugal for the food.

Feijoada of red or white beans, beef, pork and sausages. It will make you come back for seconds (or thirds). A feast of Cozido a Portuguesa with beef, pork, chicken, blood sausages and smoked pork parts. There's also potatoes, cabbage and carrots thrown in the mix, but it's certainly for the meat lovers. Grilled bacalhau (cod), sardines or octopus. Portuguese rice with onions and olive oil that will make you realize why the Portuguese call plain white rice as something from the hospital. Queijo fresco, a creamy, soft, white cheese that pairs perfectly with traditional bread fresh from the padaria. Wash it down with vinho verde (white wine usually from the Minho region) or a bottle of ice-cold Superbock or Sagres, and you're good for a siesta.

Best of Portugal20

3 You'll love Portugal for the wine.

Portugal is known all over the world for Port wine, which is typically red and sweet and often served as a dessert wine. Legend has it that to protect the wine during the long sea voyage it was ‘fortified’ prior to shipment with the addition of a small amount of grape spirit, or brandy, which increased its strength, prevented it from spoiling and gave it that sweet taste.

Best of Portugal14

But that's not all that Portugal has to offer in the wine department. You will be surprised by the inexpensive vinho verde which is served even in small restaurants or tascas. They can be fresh, vibrant and fruity. If you prefer your wine to be robust and full-bodied you might want to try a bottle of Douro from steep, terraced vineyards along the Douro River

Learn more about Portuguese wine.
Best of Portugal3

4 You'll love Portugal for its weather.

Coming from the Philippines, I have to admit that I love sunny, warm weather. After moving to Europe and experiencing a harsh winter in France, I knew that Portugal has the perfect balance of sunshine, dry air and oceanic weather. We enjoy one of the longest summers in Europe, and the most number of sunny days in a year.

Best of Portugal22

5 You'll love Portugal for its landscape.

Mountains, rivers, beaches, rocky cliffs, islands, I have to say we have it all- and I'm just talking about our little region in northern Portugal. And it's not just the landscape- it's what you can do in all that wide open space. Kayaking, surfing, whitewater rafting, birdwatching, canyoning, fishing, rock climbing, biking, hiking, paragliding, the possibilities are limitless! It's definitely paradise for people like us who love the great outdoors.

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Best of Portugal4

6 You'll love Portugal for all the cool things they did. 

For such a small country, the Portuguese have made their mark on the world. Ferdinand Magellan and Vasco Da Gama, to name a few. They used to own half of the world! They were the first colonial power to abolish slavery.  

Best of Portugal9

Portugal took the principal role during most of the fifteenth century in searching for a route to Asia by sailing south around Africa. In the process, the Portuguese accumulated a wealth of knowledge about navigation and the geography of the Atlantic Ocean. Pretty impressive, isn't it?

7 You'll love Portugal for the azulejos.

"Azulejo" is a word used in Spain and Portugal to designate a glazed tile: a terracotta tile covered with an opaque glazing. In these two countries, azulejos have been frequently used since the 13th century to cover and decorate walls, fountains, pavements, ceilings, vaults, baths, or fireplaces. (source)

I see them everywhere, but I can't get enough of them! I especially love the old ones which are often painstakingly hand painted.

Best of Portugal18

Best of Portugal6

Azulejos can be found in many places in Portugal, but usually on the interior and exterior of churches, palaces, houses, schools, and even in restaurants or bars. And that's why I consider most of Portugal to be a living, breathing, gigantic Art Gallery!

Best of Portugal21

8 You'll love Portugal because it's less expensive than most European countries.

The cost of a prato de dia (plate of the day) in Portugal at a normal restaurant is around 5-10 Euros. That usually comes with an appetizer of olives, bread and some pieces of bacalhau. A main dish with meat or fish and rice or potatoes. Plus a dessert and a glass of house wine. You may even get a small cup of coffee if you're lucky. In France, you could only get a sandwich and coffee for that price! You may also find that the cost of accommodations, car rentals, tours and experiences in this country are considerably lower. Portugal is definitely the most inexpensive places I have visited in Europe!

Best of Portugal16

9 You'll love Portugal for Fado.

I've heard traditional music from all over the world. But I have never heard anything as haunting as Fado. Fado literally means fate or destiny and is the soul music of Portugal. It's often about love or loss, and has a melancholy theme accompanied by mandolins or guitars. I love listening to Fado played in small villages during festa time. Although I can't understand all the words, I can feel the emotions echoed in Fado music.

Best of Portugal1

10 You'll love Portugal for the Portuguese.

The quick to smile, easy to love, warm, friendly Portuguese. The fishermen with their old fashioned hats. The grandmas dressed in black with their soft faces and culinary secrets. The industrious people working in their farms and gardens but take a moment to pause and return your wave. The beer drinking surfers who let you use their cellphone to call a cab. The shopkeepers who actually mean it when they say Obrigada and refuse your tip. The Portuguese who are often trying to teach you something new whether it's a Portuguese word or one of their hundreds of recipes to cook bacalhau. The ones who are often proud that they can speak to you in English or French and will go out of their way to give you directions or help you find what you need.

Best of Portugal8

BONUS: You will love Portugal for reasons only you will know.

It was love that brought me here. I would not have pointed out Portugal on a map, marked it X and called it  home. It was my husband, who is half Portuguese, who thought that it would be the best place for us to take root as a family. And he was absolutely right!

I've only been here for less than 6 months and have only explored a few towns in the north and the city of Porto. But it has become so endearing to me that in my heart I am already beginning to call it home. I love Portugal as it stands out from most European countries because of its "roughness".

Best of Portugal7

I love it for its raw beauty that does not need any superlatives or praise.

Best of Portugal5

I love it for the sharp, salty smell of the bacalhau as I enter the grocery. It reminds me bulad or dried fish that we often see in many fishing villages in the Philippines.

Settling Down Portugal13

I love it for its sleepy old towns that turn into Disneyland one weekend a year during festa time.

I love the old ladies who work hard in their gardens and work even harder in the kitchen making feasts for the entire family to enjoy.

Best of Portugal19

I love the quiet irony of lavish, impressive buildings next to ancient, dilapidated, abandoned houses.

I love how easily Portuguese words roll off your tongue.

I love how I can actually own parts of this place in my memory- in ways that I will never be able to claim Paris or New York.

I love hearing people scream and shout as if there's a fight breaking out in the streets, only to realize that they're just watching a football match.

Best of Portugal2

I love Portugal because it has swallowed me whole. I embrace this country, promise to get to know it better and keep its secrets. There's always that internal conflict when you find your paradise. Part of you that wants to bring the whole world to your playground. And there's that other part that wants to keep it all for yourself.

Discover 10 Places You Just Can't Miss in Portugal.

And that's why I invite you to come love Portugal. Discover it. Find pieces of it you can call your own. Make it your playground. Find your own reasons to love this country.

But I won't reveal exactly where we live in Portugal.

Settling Down Portugal11

Sole Sister Lois

Have you been to Portugal before? Why do you love it? Please share in the comments.

Lois has traveled extensively and has lived in Asia, the United States, and Europe. She is currently based in Portugal with her husband and baby girl. She is the co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of We Are Sole Sisters and has written the ebook "Where Should I Go in Southeast Asia?" based on her travels in the region for 6 months on less than 2,500 USD.

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  1. 10 You'll love Portugal for the Portuguese!!! (Y) ;) <3

  2. you post is so inspiring! I'm going to Portugal on the day after tomorrow, looking forward to experience all those beautiful things. :)

  3. I'm so happy to hear that Giulia! It's such a magical place and I wish more people would come and experience it. Please share about your experience when you have time.

  4. Hi Lois,
    How I understand you...
    My husband's whole family is portuguese, most of them living in France for a few decades.
    He was the only one born in France, but spent summer Portugal during all childhood and teenage.
    Unfortunately for me, life made that these summer trips stopped once we got together, 16 years ago.
    Last april, at last, he took me to Lisbon for a week, and... wow ! :)
    The whole trip was fantastic.
    Well... sorry for chatting ^^
    What I came here to share is this : if you haven't done it yet, go to Sintra... BUT not for Palacio da Pena, or even for so charming Monserrate.
    THE place you can't miss is Quinta da Regaleira. You have to schedule a whole afternoon, get in, and... let yourself get lost among the trees, fountains, caves, tunnels, magical wells, stone stairs, Rapunzel towers, flowers, chapels, statues...
    This is the most magical place we have ever experienced, and we will for sure go back there next april, when we fly again to Portugal.
    And go say hello tu Susanna at the gift shop, she is so kind and enthusiastic about the place she spends her days in.
    Take care, and please share your feelings if you go ^^

  5. Thank you for these nice words and for your recommendations Dnadryad. We headed south a few weeks ago but sadly had no time to explore Sintra. I'm sure we will visit it next year. So many places to see!

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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