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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A few weeks ago, we launched the Sole Sisters Search and we received more than 50 applications from all over the world. It's very difficult to decide because we really enjoyed going through all your blogs and stories.

After a lot of consideration, we've brought the list down to 10. Here are the women travelers we are considering to be part of the We Are Sole Sisters community (in no particular order):

Sarah of Coffee With A Slice of Life

Sarah of Coffee with A Slice of Life is a self proclaimed global gypsy, and scuba obsessed travel blogger. Travelling the globe for the last 4 years, one cup of coffee a time. Follow her to unknown destinations (because she never even knows where she's going next) with guaranteed giggles. Jump on for the ride and learn how to turn your travel dream into reality...

Katie of Two Wandering Soles

Katie of Two Wandering Soles is the other half of this adventure seeking blog. Shortly after getting married, they quit their comfortable jobs, booked absurdly cheap flights to Colombia, and left behind everything that didn’t fit into their backpacks. Their wanderings have since taken them to South Korea where they are currently teaching English and plotting future travels.

Nina of Where in The World is Nina

Nina of Where in the World is Nina broke up with her cubicle in 2011 for a one-way plane ticket to Thailand. Years later and with a full passport, her wanderlust still hasn't ceased. She has made the nomadic life, something she has always wanted, a reality. She now shares her experiences, advice, and ways of making this lifestyle a possibility for anyone.  

Marina of Jejak Marina

Marina of Jejak Marina is named after the sea and always finds herself swimming in the sea or wandering around the beach. She is half Sundanesse and half Chinesse, 100% pledge of being Indonesian. She came from a traditional family in West Java, where people don’t usually do solo long term travelling. Well not many Indonesians ever do this. Especially women. Alone. But she did it.

Meryl of En Route to Adventure

Meryl of En Route to Adventure is a twenty five year old from Manila. She recently left her job to pursue her passions. She enjoys traveling so much that she spends countless hours reading, researching and daydreaming about it. She's counting down the days to her big backpacking trip in October. Her plan is to hit six countries in Southeast Asia for two months because there’s nothing more exciting than being an independent, solo woman traveling at her own pace. Being on the road makes her feel alive and she can’t wait to take on the challenge of living out of a 7kg backpack!

Emma of Active Travlr

Emma of The Active Travlr is a 25 year old Canadian from Montreal backpacking around the world. With the passion for travelling, an appreciation for nature and the constant need to be physically active, after graduating from Uni, she packed her bags and decided to travel the world, with no return date. Her plan was to work and travel around Australia and South East Asia for one year, but the travel bug bit and a couple years later, she's still on the road.

Stephanie of Yogi Footprints

Stephanie of Yogi Footprints is a 26 year old aspiring yogi, travel lover, forever hungry girl. Right now she's just riding the roller coaster that is life and trying to enjoy every moment of it - including the twists and the turns, the ups and the downs, and most importantly those gut wrenching drops that make you feel alive.

Julienne of Morena Travels

Julienne of Morena Travels is a 26 year old Filipina who's lived in Hong Kong for four years as an editor of a tourism magazine. Her time working in Asia's most competitive city - in addition to being born of a mother stronger and more successful than any other woman she's ever known - has moulded her to into an empowered, ambitious, and moderately feminist thinker. She loves getting lost in nature, trying new things, clean eating, and fitness (today, yoga and running; tomorrow, boxing, surfing, horse riding... bring it on!). Slotting in neatly into the Filipino stereotype, she loves to sing, dance, and present thanks to her dad's musical side of the family. Her passion is discourse with intelligent globe-trotters who have a lot to bring to the table, and loves learning from great minds. Currently based in Spain but soon returning to Asia, Julienne has just turned down a job offer in Tokyo in search of a more meaningful career. She hopes to build a distinct and powerful globally-Asian female voice in the blogosphere challenging archetypes and stigmas while still being a fun read and a visual treat!

Amelie of Mostly Amelie

Amélie of Mostly Amélie is a coun­try girl who took the plane for the first time at 21, when she escaped to Cuba with her mom and sis­ter with her dad’s life insur­ance to com­mem­o­rate one year of his pass­ing away. A whole new world of pos­si­bil­i­ties and hid­den par­adises sud­denly opened up to her. She booked a one way ticket to Asia in Jan­u­ary 2014 and is still in South East Asia today.

Steph of Quarter Life Epiphany

Steph of Quarter Life Epiphany had a great career, pretty apartment, nice Jeep, good friends, too many clothes, and could buy whatever she wanted. She was content, but she never realized she wasn’t happy until she came to Thailand. The night before she was to fly home, she quit her job, emailed her family, and got on a night train to Ko Tao. She was terrified, exhilarated, and felt like she was dreaming constantly. While many others were going through quarter life crises, she was having her quarter life epiphany. She's currently living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She's writing, studying Portuguese, volunteering with an amazing organization (teaching English to adults, and teaching life and school skills to children from a neighboring favela), and enjoying the slow-paced life and beautiful surroundings… while sneaking in some travel here and there.

***Editor's Note: The Sole Sister Search is not a competition or a popularity contest. We appreciate all the women who have expressed their interest to be part of our community. We are dedicated in empowering women travelers and not putting them down. We are a sisterhood of women who make travel happen for ourselves and for others.

To everyone who joined, we appreciate you and we still welcome your contributions to our website. To the women travelers who are shortlisted, congratulations and we will contact you shortly to schedule your skype interview. 

What's Next?

We're excited to connect with all these awesome women and can't wait to announce the next Sole Sisters on June 15! 


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