Sole Sister Adi's AXN TEN Philippines Adventure in Davao

Thursday, November 06, 2014

AXN's TEN Philippines, a travel and adventure show recently invited the Sole Sisters for an exciting weekend in Davao. I was the only one who could make it! I was in the Philippines for a quick visa run from Indonesia when Sole Sis Lois told me about the trip. Without hesitation, I cancelled my Baler plans that weekend and flew to all the way to Mindanao to meet up with Jason Godfrey, the show's host and his entire crew.

As we drove along the highways of Mati, Nikki and Pia who were part of the crew, immediately noticed how the area seemed cleaner, the people more disciplined than most places in the Philippines. Drivers actually abided by the speed limit and traffic regulations. A No Smoking campaign has been in effect since 2001, and implemented even more strictly during the past few years fining apprehenders P500 and requiring them to attend a seminar to help them quit. The health of the people of Davao has improved drastically because of this ordinance.

Sole Sis Adi in Davao9

Jason and I met up at a gas station to fuel up our ride with Shell V-Power Nitro+. Along the way, we talked about our travels, current lives and future plans. Jason is an explosion of energy to say the least. He's a 6 foot tall Filipino-Canadian who grew up in Ontario and now based in Hong Kong. His modeling career has taken him around the world and given him a lot of hosting gigs. He's pretty stoked to be working with TEN. It has brought him to the most beautiful places around the country and has definitely taken him out of his comfort zone. Roads less traveled, meeting all kinds of people, wild adventures, nasty food too. But he's up for everything!

There were two cameramen in the backseat, at times they would crawl halfway out of their windows just to get a clearer profile shot of us while the car was moving full speed. Go-Pros mounted everywhere in and around the pick-up truck. I held my breath as Jason sped through the steep zig-zag roads on the side of the mountain. I looked out to the panoramic ocean views to distract myself from this dangerous ordeal. All of this was happening while having a rare heart-to-heart talk about why I wrote "Don't Date a Girl Who Travels".

Sole Sis Adi in Davao10

Sole Sis Adi in Davao3

Breezing past fields of banana plantations and coconut trees, we rushed to get to Dahican beach before sunset, a vast 7 kilometer white sand beach that faces the Pacific Ocean. The water is crystal clear and is abundantly blessed with marine life, including our precious endangered Pawikan. Dolphins can be seen playing around during the months of June to August as well.

Driving off the paved road and into the beach area, I immediately felt at home breathing in the salty ocean breeze. The Amihan Team welcomed us warmly, a group of kids who are passionate about surfing and skimboarding. The youngest member is only 3 years old! Their mentor Kuya Jun has taken them under his wing to make sure that they stay in school, stay out of drugs and alcohol while participating in different competitions here and abroad.

Sole Sis Adi in Davao4

Sole Sis Adi in Davao1

The Amihan boys casually played along the shore, showing off their turns, aerial jumps and other tricks. Headstands on a moving skimboard?! They make it look so damn easy! We got excited and immediately started learning the basics. They were pretty good teachers so in no time, Jason and I were gliding along the shore as well. He's pretty good for someone who's not into boardsports!

As the sky turned into a blur of orange and pink, I asked him if he ever got tired of traveling. He said "Yeah, I do. I've traveled constantly for 4 years now because of my job and I've missed a lot of important moments with friends and family. And I miss just being able to play X-box with my friends, you know."

Sole Sis Adi in Davao7

Sole Sis Adi in Davao8

Quite the insightful guy that he is, I felt comfortable opening up to him and asked:

"Is it strange that I never feel homesick? Everyone's getting married or having kids.There's nothing wrong with at of course. But coming home makes me realize how the culture places such high value on commitment, relationships, and starting a family that everything just revolves around it. Quite a difficult environment for someone who has a serious case of wanderlust and doesn't believe in marriage and religion as well."

I dread hearing questions like
"Do you have a boyfriend now?"
"When are you gonna get married?"
"When are you ever settling down?"
"When are you gonna get over this traveling phase?"
And my mom's favorite, "Honey, magpabuntis ka nalang!"

He said "People don't have the right to tell you to settle down, as much as you shouldn't be telling everyone to travel. So don't be pressured. Everyone just has different preferences."

Sole Sis Adi in Davao11

I hope you were able to watch my interview with Jason Godfrey on the full episode on of AXN's TEN Philippines last October!

Chasing the light,
Sole Sister Adi

Adi escaped from the corporate world so her life now happily revolves around yoga and travel. She lives a simple, eco-friendly lifestyle and inspires those around her to do the same. She shares her AntiGravity and yoga practice everywhere she goes and dreams of building rustic Secret Spot hostels in beautiful tropical destinations. She's currently on a Southeast Asian adventure with no end in sight. Follow Adi's adventures on Love the Search and on Facebook and Instagram.

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