Travel Tips and Must See Places in the Dominican Republic

Friday, September 05, 2014

Caribbean Sunset, Bavaro, Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a dream come true for travel enthusiasts looking to enjoy an entirely new culture and experience an area that is a world away from their own. It boasts one of the most diverse populations and largest congregation of provinces in Latin America.

Finding areas largely untouched by tourists can be a gruelling task, and those looking for something a little more authentically Caribbean should take note of the most touristic locations before heading out. Here are some tips for those about to head on a holiday to the Dominican Republic:

République Dominicaine - fév 2004 037

Puerto Plata

One of those rare little known places left in the Caribbean, Puerto Plata is a little gem that can be found hidden away in the Dominican Republic's north coast. The region and all it has to offer is nothing short of a foolproof recipe for fun, with lengthy beaches, luxury high-end resorts at astonishingly low prices and a great party scene that will see you dancing until the early hours.

Sunrise Dominican Republic
Photo Credit: Barbara Walsh

Santo Domingo

No avid party-goer can leave Dominican Republic without paying a visit (or five) to Santo Domingo, the nation's infamous nightclub-centric city. Bars, clubs and venues overflowing with traditional salsa, as well as more modern and mainstream club music, are everywhere, and it is a real hotspot for locals and tourists alike.

République Dominicaine - fév 2004 072

How to Budget - Package holidays

The Dominican Republic is far from one of the pricier travel destinations, but since the influx of tourists and international interest, prices have slowly but surely started to sneak up. A great way to save money and budget your trip is to book one of the many package holidays available for the area, whereby almost all your expenses, like transport, transfers, accommodation and sometimes even meals are covered in one fixed price.

République Dominicaine - fév 2004 095

Best of Dominican Gastronomy

The cuisine in the Dominican Republic consists of a rather unusual fusion of various existing cuisines. Some key dishes include Tostones, which are fried plantains, a vegetable that is similar to a banana but with a more savoury taste; Sancocho, a wholesome stew; and La Bandera, a common dish of rice, beans and meat. Drinks to give a try include the famous local coffee, Café Santo Domingo, and Refresco De Merengue, a refreshing champagne esque soda.

The Dominican Republic has an incredible amount to explore, and with an upbeat, happy mentality permeating the Latin culture, you are bound to have a good time wherever you end up.

*Main Photo Credit: Joe deSousa

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