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Friday, September 26, 2014

I got a note from a friend a few months back that I should check out this Travel and Fashion Style Blog, The Love Assembly. I did and got hooked!

So I connected with the creator and curious mind behind the website, Aubrey. I love the fact that she's a Filipina living abroad who has a great sense of style and that she always looks fabulous whether she's traveling in Sydney, Rajasthan or Paris! I asked her some questions about travel and life. It wasn't easy- she prefers to stay behind the camera to keep a low profile and focus on her blog instead if herself. But I was able to sneak in a few personal questions:

Where is home for you?

Sydney, Australia is where I was born, raised and consider home. My Filipino heritage is definitely a big part to calling the Philippines home also - a piece of my heart is always there.

Aubrey - The Love Assembly10

When did you start a travel lifestyle?

I travelled with my family when I was younger, mainly around Australia and to the Philippines and America to visit family. Then once I hit my late teens/early 20's I was travelling with friends and my boyfriend. I feel like the more I travel, the more it sparks my wanderlust and the more I want to see in the world.

Aubrey - The Love Assembly15

How would you define your travel style?

A mix of simple basics with a touch of bohemian.

Aubrey - The Love Assembly3

Do you still keep a 9-5 or is there any special work that funds your travel lifestyle? 

When I was working full time I would always put away a lump some every week for savings and travels. Now my work is majority online - I create travel and lifestyle content for both my blog, The Love Assembly and Conde Nast Traveler. I also work in digital and social media marketing.

Aubrey - The Love Assembly4

Is it possible to travel comfortably and still look chic?

Of course! Pack a travel wardrobe that has elements of classic and basic pieces that you can mix and match, a specific colour palette and accessories that can instantly update your look.

Aubrey - The Love Assembly9

What are 3 some memorable items from your travels?

3 most memorable items from my previous travels right now would have to be:

1. A vintage pocket book titled 'butterflies' - I love butterflies and my boyfriend surprised me with this book (and a few other gifts) on my 25th birthday in Paris. He picked it up from Portobello Markets from our travels in London and hid it from me until we arrived in Paris. I secretly saw it though when I was looking for my camera in our bag, but I didn't want to ruin what he had planned :)

Aubrey - The Love Assembly17

2. An embroidered kurta from India - I'm addicted to flowy white cotton tops and I've worn the one I bought in India a lot! It's one of my favourites from my collection... I probably should've bought more.

3. I collect seashells from around the world and the most prettiest one I've found was randomly in El Nido Palawan!

As a female traveler, what was the most challenging country you've been to? And how did you overcome that?

The most challenging from my travels was Prague. Coming from Paris, I didn't find it as friendly and I found it quite difficult to navigate with public transport. We got fined a few times for having wrong tickets but it's all part of travelling so it's all good!

Aubrey - The Love Assembly5

What's your advice for all the women out there who want to start living their passions but feel like they're stuck?

Whenever I feel stuck I motivate myself by looking back on where I started to acknowledge what I have achieved so far. I write down goals with clear steps on how to reach them, then take action!

Aubrey - The Love Assembly12

What are your upcoming travel plans?

Hopefully Philippines next month if all goes to plan. Then a European summer next year!

Aubrey - The Love Assembly11

Aubrey is the founder, creative force and curious mind behind The Love Assembly, and travel blogger for Condé Nast Traveler. She's an avid and experienced traveller who doesn't sacrifice style while jet setting around the world. With her love for travel, photography and shopping, it only seemed natural to create an online destination to wander a world where travel meets style.

*All images are used with permission from The Love Assembly.

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  1. I love it that ladies so young are able to live their dream and their passion - keep it up girls :-)

  2. Thank you Pam! I hope age doesn't stop anyone from traveling ;-)


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