8 Things You Must Do When Traveling Around Spain

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Skyline of Segovia, Spain

Ah, Spain! The birthplace of Cervantes and flamenco, where Hemingway whiled away many a summer in bullfighting arenas and Picasso showed his first flashes of artistic promise. 

With its Mediterranean climate, gorgeous beaches, scrumptious cuisine and Moorish-Christian architecture, a sojourn through Spain is easily the most fun you'll have in all of Europe. Below is a guide to this quirky little land that will help you make the most of your Spain holidays.

Photo Credit: Laurence Vagner

1 Dance flamenco in Seville

Seville is the cultural heart of the Spain that you know of — bullfighting, flamenco dancing, and Moorish architecture. There’s nothing like the heart rending rendition of a Cante flamenco set to the beat of tapping heels.

2 Take a tour through Burgos cathedral

Mind-numbingly pretty. That's the first thought you'll have in your head when you take a detour to Burgos to tour its famous Gothic cathedral.

Tapas at Las Teresas
Photo Credit: Kevin Phua

3 Dine on tapas in San Sebastian 

This little city in the Basque region of the country boasts the finest that Spanish cuisine has to offer, from Iberian ham to chorizo to chickpea stews and tapas.

4 Visit the riverside city of Toledo

Toledo was once the capital of Spain. Today, it has changed little since medieval times and remains delightfully full of old-world Spanish charm.

5 Check out the Grand Mosque of Cordoba 

Pictures don't do justice to this architectural achievement. The Grand Mosque of Cordoba is like an architect's fantasy come true, with massive prayer halls covered in geometrically perfect columns.

La Alhambra
Photo Credit: RaMaOrLi

6 Marvel at the Fortress of Alhambra, Granada 

The poets of old called it a "pearl set in emeralds" due to the white of its walls and the green of the forests beyond. Venture out to Granada and you'll see why this was no exaggeration: this 11th century fort complex will take your breath away with its delicate architecture and tasteful decorative elements.

7 Learn the secrets of the University of Salamanca 

King Alfonso IX set up the Universidad de Salamanca in 1218, making it the third oldest university in all of Europe. It’s architecturally stunning and retains a sterling reputation for its humanities departments.
Museum – Museo del Prado, Madrid (Spain), HDR
Photo Credit: Marc

8 Experience the best of Spanish Art at Museo del Prado, Madrid 

Spain's best museum houses the world's most impressive collection of Spanish art, from Titian and El Greco to Goya and Velazquez.

Spain is a delightful mix of history, culture, cuisine and cosmopolitan urban life. These eight things are just a small selection of the world of adventure that awaits you when you visit this intriguing country.

Tracey has lived and worked in Valencia for nearly three years, since she fell in love with the climate and constant supply of tapas, and now ekes out a living contributing to various travel magazines and arts publications on the web. She originally hails from Derby in the UK.

Main photo credit: Frank Kovalchek

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2 sole trails

  1. Spain is a magical place. I was in Madrid. It seemed to me time had stopped there. Everything was at a slow pace. It lacked the hectic life of London, and the glamour of Paris. But it was magical!

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience Vanessa! It's great to hear travel stories from women like you!


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