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Monday, June 09, 2014

I've always been on the lookout for the perfect bikini. My considerations are pretty straightforward: a pair that won't slip off while surfing or during water sports, made from lightweight material and something stylish enough to lounge in.

In my search, I've stumbled upon Pepper Swim, locally designed swimwear with materials from Italy and made in Indonesia! Talk about swimwear made for travel! I was surprised when I met up with Pepper Swimwear creator, Jess Efenio and found out that she's only in her 20's! She shares the same passion for the sea and travel- I instantly knew a collab was inevitable!  Here's my chat with her:

Pepper Swimwear - Jess 6

Tell us more about yourself and how you came up with the brand and business concept?

I am a lover of the outdoors, especially the beach. In the recent years I’ve traded my stilettos for flip-flops and I’ve been constantly stocking up on swimwear. Last 2012, I started surfing and instantly fell in love with it. I got so addicted with it that I  booked a trip and joined a surf camp in Medewi, Bali. I'd been surfing for months back home and I haven't experienced waves like the ones in that spot. We would surf all day and even find different breaks to try. Every time we would surf my bikini wouldn't stay put. I even got wiped out so bad that my shirt got lost!

Pepper Swimwear - Jess 5

When that happened, I thought of making my own surf inspired swimwear line. One that would stay put while surfing or while doing activities in the water but would still look stylish and sexy . The surf lifestyle inspired me to start Pepper Swim, which is my take on a fun and fresh approach to swimwear.

Pepper Swimwear - Jess 2

How does the brand reflect your personality?

Pepper Swim reflects my active lifestyle and fun, easy-going vibe. It is easily seen in the vibrant colors, playful cuts and prints. My vision is to create designs that would be in every fun, active and confident woman's beach must-have.

Pepper Swimwear - SandyOrangeFront

What makes your brand and products unique?

It’s the passion behind the brand. My love for the beach fuels Pepper Swim and is translated into the products. Pepper Swim Bikinis are seamless and reversible. They're made from Italian Lycra which is extremely lightweight, it feels like you're wearing nothing! It stays put during water activities. You can even wear it on your workout!

Pepper Swimwear - NamiPetuniaFront

How do you find the inspiration for your designs?

The designs are inspired by my beach travels and surf trips. I want to simplify swimwear – to create designs that are functional and practical without sacrificing style. This is why Pepper Swim bikinis are lightweight and seamless. The reversible design also hikes up its functionality- you double the number of bikinis in your beach arsenal instantly!

Pepper Swimwear - Jess 7

What’s your advice for other young women out there who want to follow a similar path and create their own design and products?

When you are passionate about something, then you’ll go a long way. I ventured in a lot of work and business before having Pepper Swim. The latest was a restaurant that I had to close because of some issues. I learned a lot from that experience but I'm thankful that if that didn't happen, I would never have tried surfing and never created Pepper Swim.

Pepper Swimwear - Jess1

It took some time for me to figure out my next step. I'm so grateful that my family, especially my dad, was so patient about motivating me to find the right business. The key is to stick to your goal and believe in your vision no matter what challenges you meet along the way.

Pepper Swimwear - NamiSeaBack

What can we expect from your next collection and when will you launch it?

The next collection is all about minimalism. We're bringing out one-piece suits and two-piece bikinis in subdued colors featuring sleek, sexy cuts. Watch out for the new collection this July!

Pepper Swim Bikinis are now available at the Sole Sister's Shop - check out these delicious designs. And we're giving away a pair to a lucky reader!

Here's how you can join:

via Facebook:

1 Like @WeRsolesisters and @PepperSwimWear
2 Post a photo of where you want to take your Pepper Swim bikini on the @WeRsolesisters wall
3 Only 1 photo per account will be counted as an entry

via Instagram

1 Follow @wearesolesisters and @pepperswimwear
2 Post a photo of  where you want to take your Pepper Swim bikini and tag @wearesolesisters and @pepperswimwear
3 Only 1 photo per account will be counted as an entry

Pepper Swimwear - Jess 7

You can join this promo on both Facebook and Instagram and get 2 entries  Contest duration is from June 9-27. Winner will be announced on our social media accounts on June 30. Winner gets to choose bikini design and size subject to availability.

***Contest Update***

Congratulations Charisse Vilchez of @charanoid for winning our Pepperswim giveaway! We will contact you on how to claim your bikini!

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