So You Want to Travel Forever: Create Your Freedom

Monday, May 05, 2014

This series is for those who are thinking of going away for a while, if not forever. It covers not just the financial and physical aspect of travel, it also deals with the the human side of it all.

So far, these are the topics we've covered on the series:

Live on Less
Go Light
Be Adaptable

When I came back from long term travel all over Asia in 2011, I fell into a rut. I was unemployed and my travel fund was fast running out. I had no backup plan and no one to ask for advice. Worst of all, even if I wanted to apply for a job, I would have had to do in ratty shorts, a Vang Vieng tank top and flip flops!

Not having a Plan B gave me no choice but to pursue a lifestyle that allowed me to travel, live and work from anywhere. I simply did everything I could to avoid having to work at a 9-5 again. I looked at my passions, my natural talents and abilities and found a way to give value to people.

What I do today is a combination of writing, speaking, events organizing and entrepreneurship- all these have sustained me so I can focus on what I love, believe in and stand for. Over 3 years later, I'm still living my freedom lifestyle. And I want to help you do the same.

What does freedom look like for you?

We all have different ideas of freedom. Some say it's being your own boss. For others, it's having full control of your time. For most of us Sole Sisters, it's being able to have the right amount of time and resources to travel when the mood strikes us, isn't it?


What are other people are doing?

Achieving freedom isn't just some utopian concept. More and more people people are able to do it. You don't believe me? Here are a few success stories:

Sabrina Iovino worked in a mind-numbing job as a screen designer for 4 years. Then she gathered up courage to quit her job to travel around the world for 433 days. She came back to Germany and started to work again. But she hated it. She quit her job again and got rid of almost everything she owned. She decided to live the life she wanted to live. Last year, she started the travel blog Just One Way Ticket and became a digital nomad. After only 1 year of blogging Sabrina earns over 2000 USD a month and has successfully turned her biggest hobby into a full time job. She's now been traveling and living abroad for about 6 years and has been to more than 50 countries.

Martine Luna bid the workforce farewell to become a full-time mother after working for ten years in several jobs which included being a musician, English teacher and church volunteer. She then decided to explore the world of blogging and freelance writing — a path that eventually led her to her current mission as a “bliss finder” which supports her belief in creating one's own happiness in life, work or love. Through her online involvements, she has been offering freelance digital platform coaching and has built and branded several lifestyle blogs in the Philippines and abroad for women entrepreneurs, creatives and fellow "blissmakers." All the while, she has been running her award-winning women's blog Make it Blissful, which now has an international roster of writers.


Yoshke Dimen is a social media marketing consultant by profession who started his career in digital marketing through a personal blog. Since then, he has developed social media and content strategies for a number of corporations including AirAsiaGo, Expedia, PAL Express, and Globe Telecom. In 2012, he quit his full-time job and with this new found freedom, he focused on his personal projects that include the travel blog The Poor Traveler, and, one of the biggest travel communities in Asia.

Fitz Villafuerte is a civil engineer who decided to quit the corporate world back in 2003 to pursue entrepreneurship. His blog, Ready To Be Rich, has received several recognitions including the Best Business and Finance Blog at the Philippine Blog Awards. He has also been recognized by Moneysense Magazine as among the top 12 most influential people in Personal Finance in the Philippines. Currently, he's the co-founder of, a micro-freelancing marketplace for Filipinos; a Registered Financial Planner delegate; and a Marketing Director of the IMG Wealth Academy.

How can you do the same?


1. Define Your Freedom

Know exactly what makes you feel free. You can always achieve anything you want as long as you are clear. Write it down and be as specific as you can. How would you spend a day of freedom? Create a schedule of activities. Define your work environment and play area. Who are the people you would be spending time with? Make it a habit to envision your freedom daily.


2. Have a Plan

I'm sure you've heard of the saying that goes “Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare”. And I've been through quite a few nightmares before realizing my dream of location independence.

But having a plan and setting deadlines can make it a lot easier for you. List down 5-10 things you need to do to launch your freedom lifestyle, in the order of priority. Put a deadline to them. Find out who can help you. It's important to have an idea of what you need to do to achieve your freedom and how to sustain it.


3. Face Your Fears

The best way you can crush these fears is to acknowledge that they do exist. Take time to list down all your fears. Ask yourself this question: “If I quit my job to travel, what’s the worst thing that could happen to me?” List down as many fears as you can.

When I first planned my big trip across Asia, I found myself overwhelmed with a lot of fears. I constantly asked questions like: “What if I run out of money?”, “What if I get harassed?”, “What if I end up in jail?”, “What if I get sick while in a foreign country?”. These fears were very real. They could possibly happen to me or to anyone while traveling.

List down every minute fear in your head no matter how seemingly laughable or horrible it seems to be. Everything on your list is valid. Then go through your list one by one. Ask questions like “Is this really true?” or “And if this happens, so what?” Ultimately, your fears will lead to the thought of death. But everyone dies. Wouldn’t you want to live a little first?

It's important to admit that you're afraid. But don't let yourself be motivated by fear.


4. Know Your Value

When I quit my job back in 2011, I had no safety net or back up plan. I relied on my savings and frugality to get me through 6 months without income. If I had to do it over again, I would do a few things differently. For one, I should have started creating online businesses to generate streams of income to make my travel lifestyle more sustainable. I did find ways to do this a few months into the trip through blogging and social media. But the money came in trickles. There have been instances when I literally ran out of money in a foreign country, which is not the worst thing that could happen to you.

What you can do, even before going on a trip, would be to look your passions, skills and value- what can you offer that people are willing to pay you for?  This may come in the form of an expertise, a service or consultancy. What are you good at that only a few people can do? Is there anything you were able to overcome, like a challenge or a negative situation, and can teach others others do the same? Do you have any knowledge or experience that can improve other people's lives?

Most of the time, your vocation will come from a combination of all that. This will serve as either a way for you to continue to travel and make a living or your back up plan for when you need to come back to reality.


5. Reach Out

Remember that you can always do things on your own. But it's always faster, easier and more fun to do it with others. Seek out like minded people in person or online. Connect with those who have achieved their freedom lifestyle and ask them for advice. Don't keep your aspirations to yourself. The more people know what you want, the more they will want to help you out!

If you're interested in creating freedom for yourself and meeting others who are doing that same, you should join us for Create Freedom Online Workshop at co.lab on May 17. This event was created to help you establish a solid financial foundation to transition from being self-employed to becoming an entrepreneur, start a blog to launch your freedom lifestyle, and harness the power of social media to build and strengthen your relationship with your audience.

Early bird rate is only 1,500 PHP until today, May 5! Email us at for reservations. Full workshop details:

So that’s the 5th part of the series! It goes until 10 so I’m going to feed you nibbles every few weeks. Do you have any experiences in creating a freedom lifestyle? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

Next time, I’ll be sharing some secrets on "Conquering Your Fears" so watch out for that!

*All images used in the post are credited to Stephanie Dandan of Satori.

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