The Sole Sister's Guide to Cruising Solo

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Guatemala cruise port

For centuries, intrepid women have enjoyed travel alone. Trailblazer Amelia Earhart did it, albeit from the air. So channel some of that same passion for adventure, and discover your own ocean territory. Nowadays it's relatively easy to see large portions of the planet from a cruise ship, with everything to ensure your safety and comfort on-board. Here are some tips for getting the most out of a solo cruise:

Choose the Right Cruise

It's important to pick a cruise that's catered to your age demographic or interests. In recent years, a lot of cruises have been created for specific interest groups, such as those interested in digital marketing or self-improvement, and even devotees to steam punk sub-culture! Tour operators like Thomson cruises provide a diverse range of entertainment options and global itineraries, and they cater to solo travelers as well as groups.

Ryndam - Our Balcony
Photo Credit: Roger Wollstadt

Fly Under the Radar

Some solo travelers will take a cruise to escape the drudgery of their daily lives, and to switch off completely. This is most certainly an option on board, as you can get ample spa treatments, indulge in plenty of activities or simple wile away the hours on the deck reading books. How involved you get with fellow passengers is really up to you.

Make New Friends

Alternately, if you're a social butterfly at heart, then on-board social activities will be up your alley. It's possible to attend 'single and mingle' events in the cocktail lounge, sporting activities or activities designed specifically for people travelling alone. This can mean meeting someone to enjoy exploring with, once you call into ports.

Amy in our Stateroom
Photo Credit: Paulo Ordoveza

Get a Whole Cabin to Yourself

Some cruise operators will allow you to have a whole cabin to yourself when you travel solo. This obviously means more space and more privacy. If you would prefer some company, then it may be possible to buddy up with fellow solo passengers of the same gender, and split the costs of the room.

Expect to Baffle People

As a solo traveler, you may seem like an anomaly to your fellow passengers. They may assume you are lonely, or just plain odd. In fact, instead of having to constantly compromise on what you do because you're with someone – you can do whatever you like and choose company as and when you wish. Now that’s a flexible kind of holiday. What’s more, single cruisers are becoming more and more common these days, so book with a cruise line which caters to your requirements, and you might find you fit in just fine.

Solo travel isn't just about backpacking nowadays. Consider the benefits of cruise ship travel, such as convenience, safety and comfort, for a solo adventure with a difference.

Main Image Credit: Sean and Lauren, used under Creative Comms license

Caroline Tranter writes on travel and lifestyle, has recently returned from a six-month stay in Nepal and is a champion of women going solo abroad.

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