A Solo Sister's Guide to Paris

Friday, December 06, 2013

Paris Skyline Eiffel Tower

Want to experience the most romantic city in the world as a solo woman?

Even though Paris is universally known as the city of lovers, don't let that put you off! You don't need to wait until your honeymoon to experience this delightful city! Paris offers a unique and splendid atmosphere, with vintage shopping, sumptuous eats and some of the best art and architecture in the world. Here's a couple of must-see sights in Paris, that a solo girl can't afford to miss.

The Marais

On the Rive Droite (right bank) of the Seine is the Marais. With its ancient narrow streets and narrower footpaths or trottoirs, it's perfect for an afternoon stroll. Along the way you can step into the past with the iconic Notre-Dame des Blancs-Monteaux close by. In Place des Vosges, cool your heels in the 17th century mansion at No.6. This is where the famed writer Victor Hugo penned parts of Les Miserables between 1832 and 1848. If you loved the book (or the film) it's worth stopping in. It's also free entry – a rarity in Paris.

LoL (Light on Louvre)
Photo Credit: photophilde
Le Louvre

Also on the right bank is the inimitable Louvre museum. There are important collections by artists from many eras here. The museum itself is enormous and deserves a two to three day look in, to get the most out of it. There's more to it than just the Mona Lisa, however: there is also the Venus de Milo statue, treasures from Greek and Roman antiquity, glorious baroque paintings and gilded gold furniture galore. On the first Sunday of the month it's free, otherwise entry is around €8.50 for adults.

Vitrine de Noël - Galeries Lafayette - 8-12-2007 - 8h44
Photo Credit: Panoramas
The Ultimate Shopping Experience

Take the Metro to Louvre-Tuileries and Faubourg Saint-Honoré for exquisite fashion, chic home furnishings and luxury cosmetics. Start pounding the pavement on the main streets of Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Rue de la Paix and Place Vendome. This is the epicentre of Paris haute couture. Down the road is the Opera Garnier to give you an idea of the type of clientele they wish to attract. For classic fashion houses such as Versace, Hermes, Yves Saint Laurent and concept store Colette – head towards Rue Saint-Honoré.

Photo Credit: Hannah Bergqvist
Une Aperitif

Cuba Compagnie is a cool, dark, and sexy bar at 48 Boulevard Beaumarchais, where they mix fierce cocktails. Fancy the risque-sounding orgasme? This cocktail contains vodka and grenadine, a refreshing aperitif to cap off an exhilarating day in Paris.

There are plenty of alternative itineraries for weekend breaks in Paris, including out-of-town trips to the gilded palace of Versailles. Although do yourself a favor and take some ballet flats in your handbag: whatever you do, you will find yourself clocking up plenty of miles simple gazing in wonder at the beauty all around the City of Light.

Have you experienced Paris as a solo female traveler? Do share your experience by commenting below!

Patricia Holnes is a freelance travel and fashion journalist with a special talent for discovering the best boutiques in every new town she sets foot in. Her next trip is already lined up for 2014, starting with Budapest in January.

Main Photo Credit: Taylor Miles

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  1. Yes! My favourite Parisian memories include dining out at any of the bistros at rue de la Roquette in Bastille and looking for a good read at Shakespeare & Co. bookshop opposite the Seine... :)


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