15 Christmas Gift Suggestions for Your Traveler Girlfriend

Friday, December 20, 2013

Hey guys, even though this blog is dedicated to women, we know you read this every once in a while. We know you like to check out what we women travelers think and where we want to go next.

Well, here's our chance to use that to our advantage this holiday season. We know how difficult it is for you to get us presents that you hope we will try to fit into our less than 7KG luggage to remind us of you while we travel. Hint: It's not a teddy bear.

So we  thought we'd make things easier for you as you scramble to get us exactly what we want for Christmas. And don't worry, we've put them in 3 different budget categories so you get to choose.

But really, we want them all!



1 Poncho

You know how much we hate carrying an umbrella around that we would rather run in the rain and catch a cold, right? Remind us how important it is to stay dry by getting us a lightweight poncho with durable material. As an add-on, make it reversible and stylish: Rain Raps. It combines the practicality of a raincoat with the style of a pashmina. It's water repellent, reversible, light-weight, fast drying and easy to store.

2 Headlamp

Most women will not have one or leave theirs at home so get her the best there is. I have been traveling with a Petzl headlamp for a few months and I find it very useful. I use it for locating outdoor bathrooms in the dark, finding lost socks on the floor of an overnight bus and reading in a hostel room.

3 Pocket towel

This is a necessity when you want to travel light. A lot of budget accommodations don't readily offer towels, and if they do, sometimes it's for a fee. I've used the Packtowl in the past. The material is similar to those cloths they use to wash cars which absorbs a lot and dries fast. It served me well for 6 months but I realized the size I got was too small and the material didn't last long. I've started using the Sea to Summit Dry Lite Towel recently which is not as absorbent, but the fabric is very soft and durable. I also got the large one for maximum coverage even for a size that fits in your hand when packed. It's available at R.O.X.

4 Journal

Chances are, she already has one. But don't worry, she'll fit it up very soon. Get her something light with no lines on the pages. She'll use it as her travel diary, for listing down expenses or jotting down addresses- hopefully not of the cute guy next to her on the minivan to Laos.

5 Flipbelt

I've been using the traditional money belt for years and though I find it very practical, I often find it annoying to wear especially when I'm wearing dresses or skirts. I've recently found this online: Flipbelt. It's a belt for fitness gear, money, cell phone case,ipod and passport. I find the design very simple and unobtrusive. I haven't tried it myself but it seems like a dream product.


6 Brown Belly Travel Wear

I swear you can get by 2 weeks just mixing and matching all 5 items in the Brown Belly x Sole Sisters Travel Collection! Anyone up for the challenge? My favorite is the Wrap Dress which is so versatile that it transforms from a dress into a scarf, skirt or cover-up in seconds! You can purchase them at the Sole Sister's Shop.

7 Travel insurance

If you love her, make sure she's safe when traveling. I've only used Bluecross in the past when I traveled for 6 months all over Asia. But do your research well and find a reputable travel insurance company. It might seem all too practical, but she'll definitely appreciate you for it.

8 Luggage scale

We do have the tendency to over pack especially when we're on vacation. So please do us a favor and help us avoid that by getting us a compact digital scale.

9 External hard drive

Because she's constantly traveling, she might forget to back up her files. Remind her that she needs to protect those precious travel photos in case her laptop crashes or gets stolen.

10 Compact Speakers

This gift is really for the both of you. Whether you're partying with friends on the beach, going on a road trip or just chilling at home, it's always good to have some speakers to play your favorite tunes and set the mood. You can even create a Travel Playlist together. I've been using the JBL speakers myself and they're very light and the sound is amazing.


11 Smartphone

Because she'll want to instagram every single meal or cute kid she sees when she's out exploring. She'll also appreciate being able to access maps, subway lines or resto guides when she's in a new city.

12 Backpack

This one is truly an investment. I found my dream backpack a few years back with the Northface Mejor. Having a well-fitting, light and durable backpack will change how she travels especially when she does it a lot. Northface backpacks are also available at R.O.X.

13 Shockproof Waterproof Compact Camera

She might already have a camera for traveling. But get her an upgrade by making sure it's something nearly indestructible. Especially if you're girl is outdoorsy, she'll love you for this rather expensive, but totally rock-her-world gift. I've heard great things about Nikon's Coolpix AW 100.

14 Macbook/ Ipad Air

Give her back a break, will you? By now, she must be exhausted from hauling that heavy laptop around. Do her a favor and lighten her load a bit.

15 Round trip tickets

For her alone. I think that travel is still the best present. And the best gift of all is to give her freedom to go out traveling on her own. It may test your relationship, but it's something that will really tell her how much you love her. Who knows? She might get you the same thing too!

That's it guys! Go get her the present she'll have to find creative ways to thank you for. Enjoy the holidays and happy travels!

What about you Sole Sisters? Care to add to this list by commenting below?

Counting down to Christmas,
Sole Sister Lois

Lois is the Editor-in-Chief of the female travel blog wearesolesisters.com. When she's not having adventures around the globe, she can be found surfing, surfing someone's couch or giving motivational workshops and retreats.

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2 sole trails

  1. Great post...spot on! As a wanderer, I'd definitely appreciate a poncho!However, there's something else that I'd add to the list: an e-book reader. I've always been a fan of books but lugging around 3 books and having to give them away after I finish reading them drove me nuts. So I got a Kindle as a present and I swore undying love to my partner who gave me that :)

  2. I want an ebook reader like a kindle too Piccola! But I'm minimizing gadgets. I'm sticking to one book that I keep on selling/trading for others while I'm traveling. Happy New Year!


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