4 Destinations to Fly South for Some Sun This Winter

Monday, October 28, 2013

Into every life, a little rain must fall… but if you’re not keen on getting bundled up or carrying an umbrella for the next few months, why not seek out sunnier skies? It’s something of a no brainer at this time of year to follow the migrating flocks and seek out far flung destinations in the Southern hemisphere.

And with some great late summer 2013 deals still around, getting your dose of last-minute winter sun is easier – and cheaper – than you might think. So where should you go to catch those rays this year?

Goa, India


Super hot and super cheap, Goa is a fantastic choice. With its friendly, hippy vibe and beautiful landscapes, Goa has something for everyone. Shop at the famous Anjuna market, where you can buy everything from tie-dyed t-shirts to Tibetan prayer bowls, or go for a trek to the stunning Dudshagar Falls, or just hang out on the beach with a cocktail and a good book. Solo female travellers will appreciate the laidback culture, and there’s plenty of nightlife for social butterflies, too.

Kayaking, Dominica 02/19/10
Photo Credit: Francisco Daum


Experience dramatic Caribbean landscapes on the ‘nature island’ of Dominica. The North coast has all the sparkling blue seas and white sand lagoons you could dream of, but take a guided trip to the interior to experience majestic tropical rain forests, thundering waterfalls and boiling lakes. Dominica is home to the Waitukubuli National Trail, which passes through some of the world’s most stunning scenery, and where you’re likely to spot hummingbirds and wild parrots. It’s a truly inspirational place to kick back and catch some winter sunshine.

Canary Islands 2003 - Las Palmas
Photo Credit: Bill

The Canary Islands

It probably won’t be sizzling hot, but the Canaries offer plenty of peaceful resorts where you can while away the hours sunbathing, swimming, snorkelling and sailing. These seven islands are part of Spain but are located just off the North West coast of Africa, so prepare for warm seas and white sands even in the winter months. For alternative pursuits, hike the inland mountains of Tenerife, marvel at the lunar landscape in Lanzarote, or head to La Gomera, where you can find out about the unique local language, Silbo Gomero – a whistled form of Spanish.

The Green Flash
Photo Credit: Sten Dueland

Florida has just about everything going for it, from stunning natural wilderness to theme parks and rollercoaster rides. If you feel the need to escape from the tourist track, Sanibel island just off the West Coast is a real hidden treasure. Stay in a bargain B&B and enjoy the island’s many attractions. With its white sands, funky coloured clapboard houses and loads of great eateries, it’s a perfect getaway.

Emily Winters writes for travel blogs and lifestyle sites around the globe, specializing in solo travel everywhere from Central America to Indonesia.

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