What Travels With You: Paccubes (Plus Giveaway!)

Monday, September 02, 2013

If you travel for a long time, you learn a few packing tips and tricks. One of my secrets to saving luggage space is rolling most of my clothes and keeping them in lightweight, mesh packing cubes- Paccube! (no I'm not swearing at ya!)

Are you a borderline OCD traveler (like me) when it comes to packing? You know, the type who needs to find stuff quickly  without dropping everything out of the bag.  The one who constantly needs to separate clean clothes from dirty clothes. The traveler who needs to keep everything neat and organized. Then you need some Paccube in your life!

Set Packing Cube - Ruby Red

Paccube comes in sets of 3:

-Small cube is perfect for rolled socks, undergarments, small electronics, and toiletries.
-Medium cube is best for swimsuits, small towels, books, shirts, and flip flops/sandals.
-Large cube holds pants, jackets, shirts, and shoes.

Check out more Paccubes features on their website: http://paccube.com/ and on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/paccubepage

Last week, we featured the Scratch Map Philippines Edition. And here's who won it:

This time, we're giving away 2 sets of Paccubes to one of our readers! One Ruby Red Packing Cube Set (retails at 550 PHP) and Green Packing Cube Lite (retails at 450 PHP).

Set Cube Lite - Green 2

Here's how you can join our giveaway:

1 Post your packing tips on our Facebook Page (only one entry per account)

2 Follow us on Twitter via @WeRSoleSisters and share your packing tips (only one entry per account)

3 Comment on this post and share your packing tips (only one entry per comment)

You can try ALL different ways to join and get 3 entries! The Paccubes will be shipped directly to the winner anywhere in the Philippines for free. Shipping cost outside of the Philippines will be shouldered by the winner.

Contest ends on Sept 6, 2013 and will be announced on the next What Travels With You as well as all our social media accounts. Thanks for joining! We're giving away more travelicious items on the next What Travels With You! So stay tuned!

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3 sole trails

  1. use small containers for your toiletries and put in ziplock or just buy sachets/smaller version of your fave products..

  2. Don't bring lots of clothes. Try to mix and match. If you can buy stuff to where you're going, don't put it in your luggage to save space.

  3. When I travel for 4 days or longer and the city I am going to has awesome night markets, I just bring clothes that are good for 2 days because on the 3rd day onwards I wanna dress how the locals dress.. gangnam/gwiyomi style in korea or bright colored alibaba pants in Siem Reap. They make awesome pics and let you feel the local vibe :)


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