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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Clueless in Bali? Stay with Kima Surf Camps for stress-free surfing and chillin’!

I had planned to do the Vietnam - Cambodia - Laos route because I've heard so many wonderful stories from travelers I've met in Thailand. But I later realized that the wet season in Southeast Asia starts around June to July so I escaped the rain and now I am back in Indonesia!

Kima Surf Camp12

Bali is known for its consistent waves almost all year round. But I needed a beach break with more manageable waves so Canggu it was! Surf spots here are very close to each other, but you would still need to rent a motorbike to go around. Taxis and car rentals can be very expensive. It’s not easy to move around with all my girly sh*t, laptop, yoga mat and surfboard. Surf conditions also change in a heartbeat so the smartest thing to do was to stay with Kima Surf camps for a week of no hassle surfing and chillin’.

Kima Surf Camp4

The Green Room at Canggu, built in 2009 is the lovely home of Kima Surf camp. Kima means “wave” in Greek. They have 14 spacious rooms, 2 deluxe suites and 2 private villas with their own pools. The camp manager Conny welcomed me upon arrival. Having stayed at other surf camps before, I was very impressed with how Kima is so well-organized.

Kima Surf Camp3

Upon check-in, I was given a tour of the place. Everything is organized from their bulletin board- from the surf trips, to cultural trips, trips to different islands, airport pick-up and drop off, city shuttle service, dinners and even parties! If you are a solo traveler, this saves you loads of money on time and transportation.

Kima Surf Camp11

All the info you’ll need are posted on the wall and all you have to do is sign up for trips you want to join. Kima Surf Camp Canggu alone has 7 vans to take you around Bali. You can borrow a bike, or rent a motorcycle. You can even borrow a van free of charge, just bring it back refueled. And make sure to drive on the left side of the road!

Kima Surf Camp14

The beach is just a short barefoot stride away, just watch out for some massive cow poop along the rocky path. As soon as you see the beach, a spot called Old Man breaks right out front. I paddled out with my surf guide Feri into a channel. It was uncrowded, only about 10 people in the lineup at 3 PM. I told him he’ll have to yell at me when to paddle for a wave because my timing was off. He instructed me to take a few overhead ones which I was too scared to take! I finally took one and glided left with my new 6’10 mini-mal which later during the day I christened Kima out of sheer stoke!

Kima Surf Camp13

Kima Surf Camp7

In between surf sessions, we hung around the pool all day, do yoga, work on our tan and practice on the Indo board. Friendly surf guides practice their guitar skills. I always looked forward to the buffet breakfast every morning- fresh fruits, veggies & dips, eggs, bread with homemade jam, Mie Goreng, Nasi Goreng and fresh fruit juices. Their restaurant also serves delicious, healthy local and western meals all day long.

Kima Surf Camp8

What sets Kima apart from the other surfcamps in Bali is that they offer two surf sessions for every level per day, surf guiding is always included in the package. Their Seminyak, Canggu, Balangan and Lembongan camps are all just a short walk away from the beach.

Kima Surf Camp10

In each camp, there’s something exciting happening every night, whether movie night, surf analysis, welcome barbeques, or loads of different parties! On Sundays when the surf guides rest and take their well deserved day off, there are different cultural trips to Ubud, Lovina, Uluwatu and other must see places around the island.

Check out this video for the Full Kima Surfari experience:

How to Make This Trip Happen:

- Cebu Pacific now flies directly from Manila to Bali. My round trip ticket cost me 230 USD.

Kima Surf Camp9

- Kima Surf camps offer free airport transfers, just make sure to inform them about your flight details a couple of days before your flight.

- Before you leave home, make sure to call your bank to activate your ATM and/or credit card for international use.

- Bring an extra or unlocked phone to use with an Indonesian SIM card which costs around 50,000 IDR (about 4.50 USD) to avoid unnecessary charges from your network. It's also a lot cheaper that way.

Kima Surf Camp6

- Be spontaneous and explore the less touristy side of Bali.

- Filipinos and other ASEAN nationals get a free 30 day visa upon arrival, but it cannot be extended. So try to come home before it expires! I know, it will be challenging because you'll want to stay longer.

Stoked in Canggu,
Sole Sister Adi

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