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Saturday, September 07, 2013

Don't you just love it when a travel blogger promotes your home country even when they're not from there? I learned about Sab when I read her post on 10 Reasons Why You Should Travel to the Philippines. This girl is seriously in love with the country and the Philippines loves her back

Here's our quick interview:

How would you define your travel style?

I think I'm not exactly a backpacker anymore, the times where I stayed in dormitories and watched other people making out are over. 

I like my privacy. And I hate carrying a backpack, I need a wheeled luggage. I need my laptop and my camera... So what's my travel style? Google says, my travel style is more like a flashpacker. Ok, let's believe Google. Well defined.


What do you do now to beef up your travel fund?

I do anything including selling my soul. No seriously, I did tons of different jobs over the past years. It's actually amazing, once you're open to any kind of job, you will learn and develop tons of new skills. I worked in the last years as a freelance Graphic & Screen Designer, Tour Guide, German Teacher, Babysitter, Photographer, Author and some other weird stuff I won't tell here... 

Eight months ago I jumped into the world of travel bloggers and since then I try to earn a passive income through my blog. I earn a few hundred bucks with Google Adsense and Affiliate Sales. It's definitely possible to make money online. I recently asked some travel bloggers how they make money and travel forever - check it out!


What are some major risks you've had to undergo in order to keep moving?

I was declining great job offers, because my love for travel is bigger than my desire of earning big bucks. Working in an office from 9-5 is really not my cup of tea. 

So I turned them down. I have no regrets. I might only earn a few bucks a day with my blog, but I can sleep until noon everyday and do what I love. Freedom makes me happier than cash.


Have you ever had a holyshitI'mgonnadie moment while traveling?

Actually yes. Every time I'm on a shuttle van and the driver is overtaking a curb I'm close to getting a heart attack. It's so bad that I can't travel in vans anymore. I just hate it.


Who is the most memorable person you have met on your travels?

There are too many and one day I will write a book about these experiences. It's actually amazing how often strangers come up to me and offer me their help without expecting anything in return. The most memorable people are mostly the locals, not other travelers. 

Who are the women that inspire you?

There are two female bloggers which everybody should bookmark:

Luminita of Purpose Fairy. Her blog is pure inspiration.
Jenny of The Bloggess. This lady is just hilarious, I totally love her funny writing.

Sabrina of Justonewayticket.com7

What kind of skills or know how would you consider necessary for someone who is thinking of long term travel?

Just be creative. Think about your passions. Think about the stuff you could talk forever. Become an expert in it. I'm sure somehow you can monetize any passion and turn it into a business.

You don't know your passion yet? Try to get fluent in English and work as an English teacher almost anywhere in the world. Or learn how to cook.

Sabrina of Justonewayticket.com2

On your travels, has there ever been a place that you have gotten close to calling "home"?

Of course. It's Boracay in the Philippines. Since my first visit in 2009 I have returned 5 times. I have to admit that this beautiful island becomes every year a bit worse, but somehow I still love that place. I know every corner of the island and everytime I return, people remember me. I hope in a good way! Anyway, would definitely go for another time!


I like islands more, but if I had to choose a city, I would love to live a while in Bangkok for the food. Or in Tokyo for the crazy people. And the food.

What are your upcoming travel plans?

October I'll have a pretty busy schedule, I'll be attending my first blogger conference so I'll be in Dublin and 3 weeks after in Jerusalem. In between, I'll have stops in Berlin, Istanbul and Budapest to see some friends. And for November, I hope if everything works out, I'll be back in the Philippines for a few months.

Sabrina of Justonewayticket.com1

What's your advice for other women travelers out there?

Don't be naive. Say no if you don't want it. Remove yourself from uncomfortable situations. Learn about the culture before you enter the country. Carry condoms with you. Well, and sun screen.

Sabrina has been almost non-stop traveling and living abroad since 2008. She has been to more than 50 countries and lived in various places around Asia. The Philippines is her favorite country and she's been here 5 times already and is planning to come back by the end of this year. Follow her adventures on

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