What Travels With You: Philippine Scratch Map (Plus Giveaway!)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

This year, I have been more focused on Philippine travel and have tried to cover as much ground as I can. Okay, so I got a bit sidetracked and have been biased towards surf spots. And so it was a bit frustrating when I checked my Lakbayan: How Much of the Philippines Have You Visited? score and got pitiful grade of B. How embarrassing for a travel blogger! This motivates me to see more of our country.

Now, there's an even more fun way to track your Philippine travels! Remember the Scratch Map- World Edition? Luckies of London and Quirks Novelties & Curiosities have collaborated to create Scratch Map Philippines Edition! It's a large, high quality map which features a gold top foil layer.

Scratch Map6

Scratch Map5

Scratch Map2

You all know what this means- you get to scratch off all the places you've visited to reveal a whole new map below. The result is a totally unique and personalized Philippine map! Packaged in a sturdy paper tube, the Philippine Scratch Map is perfect for both local and foreign tourists.

Scratch Map3

  Scratch Map1 

The map measures 42 x 59 cm and it even contains important details such as regions, provinces, capitals and major cities so you can learn more about the country. Popular Philippine festivals are also listed per month making it easier for you to plan where your next destination will be.

Last week, we promised to give away a Chicify Travel Tote to a lucky traveler! And the winner is:

This time, we're giving away a Scratch Map Philippines to one of our readers! It's so simple- just try any of the following:

1 Post a photo your the next Philippine destination you want to scratch on the Scratch Map Philippines Edition on our Facebook Page (only one entry per account)

2 Follow us on Twitter via @WeRSoleSisters and share where your the next Philippine destination will be and make sure you tag @quirksallday (only one entry per account)

3 Follow us via Instagram @WeAreSoleSisters and tag us on a picture of where your next Philippine destination (only one entry per account)

You can try ALL different ways to join and get 3 entries! The Scratch Map Philippines will be shipped directly to the winner anywhere in the Philippines for free. Shipping cost outside of the Philippines will be shouldered by the winner.

Contest ends on August 24, 2013 and will be announced on the next What Travels With You as well as all our social media accounts. Thanks for joining! We're giving away more travelicious items on the next What Travels With You! So stay tuned!

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