What Travels With You: Chicify Travel Tote (Plus Giveaway!)

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Traveling around in a backpack can be very convenient. But there are times when I wish I had a carry on to bring just the essentials: laptop, sunglasses, wallet, sunscreen. I've been on the lookout for the perfect tote. And these were the requirements I had:

✓ sturdy material so I can use it for many trips to come
✓ packs light
✓ stylish but not overly so
✓ reflects my personality and love for travel

Chicify Travel Tote3

And so I'm happy to report that I've found the perfect Travel Tote to carry around whether I'm in the city or on the beach! This tote fits all my essentials with room to spare! It also comes with a small pocket to fit coins, purse or cellphone so everything is neat and organized!

Each tote has a different tag but I got the black one that says “TRAVEL.” And though it's very simple, I love how stylish and minimalist it looks- so easy to match with any travel outfit! The Chicify Travel Tote sells for PHP1099, and you can only buy it online at Chicify.com. You can also check out all the tote designs here.

Not just that, every purchase of this tote or any other item under the Chicify brand, means you will be helping their partner Diksyonaryo ATBP - which is a non-stock group of concerned individuals who envisions a 100% functionally literate Philippines. They collect storybooks, dictionaries and other school learning materials and distribute them to the most depressed communities in the Philippines. I encourage you to check their website to know exactly what they do and how you can help, aside from buying a tote or two from Chicify.com!

Chicify Travel Tote2

We're giving away one Travel Tote to one of our readers! It's so simple- just try any of the following:

1 Post a photo of where you want to bring the Chicify Travel Tote on our Facebook Page (only one entry per account)

2 Share via Twitter where you want to bring the Chicify Travel Tote and make sure you tag us @WeRSoleSisters (only one entry per account)

3 Tag us via Instagram @WeAreSoleSisters with a photo of where you want to take your Chicify Travel Tote (only one entry per account)

4 Comment on this post below and tell us where you want to  take your Chicify Travel Tote (only one entry per account)

You can try ALL 4 different ways to join and get 4 entries! Winner will be required to take a photo with the Travel Tote and tag  @chicify on instagram or via facebook.com/chicify. The tote will be shipped directly to the winner anywhere in the Philippines for free. Shipping cost outside of the Philippines will be shouldered by the winner.

Contest ends on August 17, 2013 and will be announced on the next What Travels With You as well as all our social media accounts. 

Chicify Travel Tote

Thanks for joining! We're giving away more travelicious items on the next What Travels With You! So stay tuned!

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2 sole trails

  1. I want a Chicify Travel Tote and I would definitely use it when I go to Boracay and Seoul next year =)

  2. I always have this guilt of either bringing a chic bag too big like when I was in Palawan last February my buddy thought i will stay there for months. Just this July while in Singapore and Malaysia, I brought one that is too small I ended up getting another one because of the stuff I bought for pasalubong.

    When I first saw this Chicify Travel Tote bag, I feel like this is exactly the right size for my usual sudden and short travels. If the stars will align for me this September, I hope to bring this chic bag with me to Australia!


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