Crazy Jumps at Caob Lagoon Siargao

Saturday, August 17, 2013

“Those who don't jump will never fly.” 
― Leena Ahmad Almashat

We all know that jumping is essential to any memorable journey. I've done my share of jumps: Jumping with a bunch of Cambodian kids at the Yaek Lom Crater Lake in Ban Lung. Daring to jump a 40 foot cliff in Camotes Island, Cebu. And how can I forget the scariest jump of all?

The Great Plunge of quitting my job, traveling to exotic destinations and starting a career in vagabonding.

To add to the list, I recently went on  one of the most fun "jump tour" I've ever been- at Caob Lagoon, Siargao with the Turtle Surf Camp crew. We had been staying at the surf camp for a week and we enjoyed how the owners, Kitya and Enrique, organize trips and tours around the island for all of the guests or non-guests who want to participate. August is off season for surfing which meant waves were smaller than usual. So we welcomed the change in scenery and activity.

Caob Lagoon14

It was a big, rowdy group composed of Enrique with 3 other Spanish guys, 2 Koreans, a French Portuguese dude and Kitya and myself who represented the Philippines. We took a jam packed car and a motorbike to get to the municipality of Del Carmen, where we took a 20 minute pump boat ride to the lagoon. 

Caob Lagoon13

We passed through "Coron"-like landscapes of limestone karsts and islets, wooden houses, and mangroves. The closer we got to the lagoon, the more the water slowly changed colors. What used to be deep blue slowly became a clear blue green, it took a lot of self-control no to jump right in before we got to Caob. 

Caob Lagoon11

Caob Lagoon7

Caob (also spelled as Kaob, Koob, Kacub) is a word in the local Surigaonon dialect that means sheltered or covered. The high surrounding hills makes the place feel secluded and mysterious. There are several villages in the area and even caves that contain human bones from the Japanese era.

Caob Lagoon12

It was an hour before lunch when we finally arrived at a 2 story bahay kubo which is a wooden structure on stilts where we could cook, lounge around and of course- jump as much (and as creatively) as we could into the blue waters of the lagoon.

Caob Lagoon6

Guys, being guys, already started taking their shirts off as soon as we docked. And in minutes, they were already launching themselves as cannonballs into the water. There was no limit to the variety of ways they threw themselves into the lagoon.

There was simply no room for grown ups on this trip! 

Caob Lagoon3

Caob Lagoon5

We all channeled our 5 year old selves and transformed into Superman, the Caped Crusader and even Tarzan! 

Caob Lagoon20

Caob Lagoon19

Caob Lagoon25

Caob Lagoon17

Caob Lagoon16

Lunch was grilled fish, chicken, rice and fruits and we ate it all with gusto on banana leaves. These kind of water activities can make one so hungry.

  Caob Lagoon24 

Caob Lagoon1

Caob Lagoon22

After our feast, we all went around the kubo, chilling, reading and thinking of the next water bomb strategies. We also spent time exploring the nearby islets and mangroves geared with snorkels and a GoPro. 

Caob Lagoon9

Caob Lagoon8

Caob Lagoon15

Caob Lagoon21

There was definitely no shortage of things to do in our little corner of the lagoon! You can't imagine how many jumps we did or how many different ways you can hurl yourself into the water. I'm pretty sure we could discover even more ways if only we spend more than a day there. 

By sundown, we all had to get back on the boat, totally spent but surprisingly still feeling high from adrenaline. 

Want to get the full Caob Lagoon experience? Watch this video:

How to Make This Trip Happen:

- There are a couple of ways to get here: by boat from General Luna or on motorbike or car to Del Carmen and then a short pump boat ride. We did the latter as it's the faster way.

- Turtle Surf Camp Siargao offers the Caob Island Tour for 1,800 PHP per head. Group tours are for a minimum of 4 persons which includes transport by car/motorbike, boat fee, entrance fee, guide as well as food and drinks.The price goes lower for groups of 5 or more. 

Caob Lagoon18

If you want your trip to the Caob Lagoon to be hassle free, I highly recommend you join their tour. We did and made bunch of friends in the process. All Turtle Surf Camp trips have the fun and craziness guaranty! Book your Caob Lagoon Tour with them through +63 939 569 2498. Look for Kitya or Enrique.

- Bring snorkeling gear, sunblock, waterproof bags and camera.

-Store your trash in bags and make sure you take them on your way back.  

What's the most fun trip you've gone on lately? Share your experience in the comments below!

Caob Lagoon2

Jumping my way to the next adventures,
Sole Sister Lois

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