The Beginning

It had all started with 2 girls. Two girls who were so passionate about travel that they just had to quit their jobs to see the world. And travel they did. They traveled across Asia for 6 months through 9 countries with only 100,000PHP budget. Upon coming back, they realized they had different ideas on how continue this life of wanderlust. One started a new life in another country and the other opted to be a nomad, to not belong anywhere. 

The Search

But simultaneous traveling and blogging would prove to be challenging especially when you're doing it alone. Sole Sister Lois put up the question of "Who Wants to be the Next Sole Sister?". A lot of women wanted to join the sisterhood, but only Madz was able to win through voting. But early this year, she chose to follow her top passion which was makeup and fashion.

The Future

Since then, We Are Sole Sisters has transitioned from a travel blog to a community of women who make travel happen for themselves and for others despite the challenges they face. Our aim is to inspire more women to:

✓ Get out of their comfort zones
✓ Start planning their trips
✓ Empower themselves through travel
✓ Help others do the same

It's a task that can only be accomplished with a group of awesome, strong-willed adventurous women! And with that, here are the new Sole Sisters that have been handpicked to represent this community: 

Sole Sister Adi

Adi escaped from the corporate life and her life now happily revolves around yoga, surfing and traveling. Her goal is to live an eco-friendly lifestyle and inspire those around her to do the same. She shares her AntiGravity and yoga practice everywhere she goes and dreams of building Secret Spot hostels in beautiful tropical destinations. Her goal is to speak Spanish and Indonesian by the end of the year! Follow Adi's adventures on

Adi is currently living the simple island life in Lombok, Indonesia. She's currently staying with Spanish friends who have started a business in the area. Over a year ago, they came to surf, fell in love with the island and decided they would risk everything and build a guesthouse. They have recently asked her to teach yoga when she's not traveling and she's really grateful for the opportunity.

Sole Sister Spotlight: Wahine Yogini Adi1

Adi spends most days driving to different uncrowded surf spots, passing through calm lakes, rice fields and lush mountains. At night she usually eats a healthy dinner at her favorite café. She finds life so simple in Indonesia, but she learns something new from the different travelers she meets everyday.

You can expect Adi to write about her recent travels in Thailand and Palawan next. She also plans to feature  undiscovered islands in Indonesia- they have 17,508!

Lauren grew up in rural Oregon, where she spent most of her time swimming in local rivers and waterfalls, hiking nearby forest trails and searching for hidden faerie homes in fallen tree trunks. For over three years, she has been traveling and drawing comic books about her adventures throughout Europe, Southeast Asia, the UK and Australia. Get your dose of humor and wanderlust when you check out her travel comic, The Wandering Orange.


Lauren is currently in The Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. She's working and saving up for a Round the World Trip in 2014. She's also working on a few projects as a freelance illustrator, drawing comic books and painting surfboards for locals in Australia.

Lauren wants to write about these topics next:

Learning How to Surf in Australia 
Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef
Road Tripping down the Great Ocean Road 
Trekking across New Zealand 
Cage Diving with Great White Sharks

Watch out for her next post on an organic farm where she volunteered in Pai, Thailand!

Rica is a 'foreign filipina,' born in Indonesia and raised in the Philippines. Dr. Seuss' book "Oh, the places you'll go" inspires her to write, travel and pursue her dreams with heart, determination and faith. Moving abroad starts her journey to experience the world. Check out her stories on

Rica is currently living as an expat in  Singapore as an Assistant Brand Manager at Unilever. Her blog is a personal project and she wants it to be a support system for people who move abroad. She spends most of her time reading, going on photowalks, trying new places to eat and of course traveling.  She volunteers twice a month at an NGO for domestic workers in Singapore.

Sole Sister 7 (Exploring Binondo)

Rica recently hit her one year anniversary in Singapore so she's definitely writing about that soon. She also plans to write about her recent trips to Dubai and Korea. Watch out for Rica's next post on Sole Sisters: The Sole Sisters Guide to Finding a Support System Abroad!

Sole Sister Stephanie

Stephanie grew up in Manila, then moved to California at the age of 14. But her home is on the road. She's a nomadic photographer, wanderer, adventurer, and dreamer who lives for capturing moments of bliss, the infinite beauty of life, inspiring hearts, reigniting spirits, wanderlust and moments of Satori. Follow her journey at

Stephanie just came back from a trip to Thailand and the Philippines. She's currently focused on her photography business in San Diego. She's also doing photography for an online yoga clothing company. Stephanie also just started writing a book which she aims to finish in less than two years, after she travels more in Asia.

When she's not traveling,  she plans to go on road trips and camping trips around Northern California and the surrounding states.She also plans on going to either to Hawaii, or somewhere in Central America to feed the wanderlust for a bit until she's back on the road again. Then next year, she wants to go backpacking all over Southeast Asia, Nepal & India.

You can expect to hear more stories and see more photography from Stephanie's travels. She will also be sharing epiphanies and revelations she's acquired through traveling. They will definitely inspire you and hopefully enlighten wandering spirits.

The Rest is History

Now that the Sole Sisterhood is growing, you can expect more regular posts and interaction with all of us! We will also start answering your questions. If you have any questions (travel-related or otherwise), please email them to solesisters(dot)weare(at)gmail(dot)com. 

We are also open to women who want to go on assignment with the Sole Sisters. We get invitations for trips on a regular basis, so we need more women to travel and document their adventures for If you are travel-crazy just like us, please email us at the same address above with the subject line: Sole Sisters On Assignment. We prefer if you have a blog or online writing samples that we can review. 

More online contests, trip updates and announcements to come soon so please check with us regularly!

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    I love this! I really admire independent girls who can travel, Lois!

  2. So proud to be working with these independent women and hoping to travel with them very soon! Thanks for dropping by Joni and hope to bump into you again soon!

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