Glampackers at Disney’s Hollywood Hotel

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Last March, I traveled to Hong Kong with Sole Sister Steph of Satori to visit Hong Kong Disneyland  for the first time. If you haven't read it yet, here are the previous posts:

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But we still haven't written about where we stayed- Disney’s Hollywood Hotel. Here's our experience:

As backpackers, Stephanie and I are not used to staying at hotels. But we didn't complain when they told us we were billeted at the Disney’s Hollywood Hotel for our whole stay in Hong Kong. It wasn't so bad to feel like glampackers- for a few days at least.

_DSC1106 copy

It’s nice to be spoiled every once in a while, right? First of all, getting to this hotel is very convenient. It’s only a few minutes away by cab from the airport if you take the blue or green taxis. It would cost you approximately 130 HKD to Lantau Island where the park is. It’s also accessible by train since Hong Kong Disneyland has its own train stop. If you do take the train, there is also a free bus service that goes around the resort on a regular basis.

7. Hotel Holiday Magic - Outside 2

We didn’t really know what to expect as soon as we got into the hotel. We were surprised to be transported to a 50’s movie set- from the interior design to the spot-the-hidden-mickeys, the elevator and even in the bedroom!

_DSC0912 copy

_DSC0910 copy

These 2 backpackers felt like jumping on the bed! So posh! We had a wonderful view from outside our window. Two super comfortable Disney themed beds. Disneyland décor everywhere. And even Mickey Ears toiletries!

_DSC0919 copy

Disney’s Hollywood Hotel1

_DSC0916 copy

We loved our room so much that we spent a lot of time here just watching TV, enjoying bubble baths, taking advantage of the fast internet service and gazing out at the cloudy Hong Kong weather.

We did manage to go out and explore the amenities. They had a souvenir shop and 3 restaurants where we had a wonderful buffet breakfast. There was also a garden, park and even a heated swimming pool! The garden is the perfect spot for photo shoots or just for walking around and being close to nature. It was definitely well maintained and we even saw some chipmunks and geckos walking around.


Our short stay at the Disneyland Hollywood Hotel was definitely one of the most relaxing, glampacker experiences I’ve had in a long time. It’s a place to leave the adult world and simply enjoy being a kid again. No worries, no stress and only another day at Disneyland to look forward to.

What memorable hotels have you stayed at on your travels? Make sure you share by commenting below!

Back to my backpacker style,
Sole Sister Lois

*Most photos credited to Stephanie Torres

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2 sole trails

  1. Noice! We stayed at the other one, the more "romantic" hotel. Nice to see the inside of the neighboring hotel as well. And oooooh on the mickey train! I've only ever seen it from outside!

    Would love to go there again when maybe the Happy Meal is around 7 or 8 years old so she'll be more than a toddler with a gaping mouth at the sight of a real Mickey Mouse :P

  2. Disney Hotels are always fun! Especially for kids! I'm sure the Happy Meal will want to keep coming back Eileen.


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