My Maldivian Adventure Continues in Kurumba

Monday, May 13, 2013

My Maldivian dream hasn’t quite ended yet! From Male, I was picked up by a speedboat from Jetty No. 6 around noon. I was so kilig that I was the only passenger in such a luxurious yacht! I was welcomed with a refreshing drink and cold towel by one of the boat men.

Kurumba, the very first island resort in the Maldives is just 10 minutes away from Male. It was established in the 70’s, back when the country had no telephones, no airports and no banks. Old black and white photos of the once-rustic resort are showcased at the lobby. After a few decades, Kurumba has now magically evolved into one of the most luxurious resorts in the Maldives. As an owner of a humble surf resort, I found this story very inspiring.

Maldives Kurumba15

Leah, a Filipina and Sales & Marketing Manager welcomed me as I stepped out of my boat. Viktoria of the Guest Relations team toured me around the resort and its facilities while I had yummy coconut ice cream!

Maldives Kurumba14

There were eight different restaurants, a couple of swimming pools, a spa, play area, tennis court, library and all kinds of water sports imaginable.

Maldives Kurumba9

Maldives Kurumba6

Maldives Kurumba5

I was taken to my room by one of the hotel buggies. I thought to myself, “I could get used to this life!”. My favorite part of the villa was the open style bathroom that had a mini-garden beside the bath tub. After living in a tiny condo for years, having long lazy bubble baths is what I miss most!

Maldives Kurumba13

Maldives Kurumba2

Maldives Kurumba3

Unlike the local Maldivian island that I previously stayed at, I was ecstatic to find out that bikinis are not a problem here. The beach was just a few steps away from my doorstep so I settled into my sunbed for a siesta and swam in the turquoise blue waters. I bumped into two guys who were just coming up from snorkeling the reef around the island. They were on a live aboard dive trip the week before and were ending their Maldivian vacation at Kurumba. Was proud to see that there was some Pale Pilsen in our mini-bar so I made them try it! I joined the brothers for a late dinner at the Italian restaurant, La Cucina. We ended the night with yoga on the beach and swam among the glowing plankton in the ocean. It was unreal!

Maldives Kurumba8


Guests can borrow tennis rackets and snorkeling gear from the Recreation office with compliments of the resort. I borrowed a mask and fins so I could join my beach buddies the next day. The island’s shallow circumference is protected by walls made of rocks. In between them are small openings into the deeper ocean that allow for snorkeling and diving. We stayed in the 15-20 feet deep reef encircling the island and saw amazing marine life such as baby black tip sharks, manta rays, parrot fish, clown fish, and some specie of fish that looked like it had electric blue eyeshadow on its eyelids!

Maldives Kurumba1

Veli Spa

From our happy hour, I barely made it on time for my 6 pm spa appointment! Veli Spa was beautiful and the ambience was lovely. The Thai therapist gave me a Balinese massage. The all natural oil felt so luxurious on my skin. It was so relaxing that I fell asleep just after a few minutes. After my slumber, I was escorted to another room for my post spa treats of tea and fresh fruits.

Maldives Kurumba7

Sunset Dolphin Cruise

I must admit I was first hesitant to take this cruise because I hate it when people chase after endangered or protected species. But Mady from the recreation team, who also was part of a recent National Geographic documentary about marine life assured me that the dolphins are not harmed in any way. His in-depth knowledge and genuine concern about the various marine species amazed me.

Maldives Kurumba12

I was pleased to see that Glen, a Filipino and recreation Manager, was hosting the cruise. So of course I got the best seat in the boat and overflowing champagne! Our boat headed out into the Indian Ocean and parked in a channel where dolphins and whales like to hang out. Several species call the Maldives home, including Spinners, Bottle-Nosed Dolphins and Pilot Whales.

Maldives Kurumba10

During the two hour cruise, we watched how these majestic creatures frolicked in the wake of our boat. When the boat pushes water out of the way, dolphins can actually surf in the bow wave, getting an exhilarating free ride. It really seemed that they craved for human interaction. The louder we whistled and screamed, the closer and the higher they jumped for us. Heading home, we had the privilege of seeing some Beluga whales as well. The sunset that bade us farewell at the end of the day was the perfect icing on the cake of a perfect Maldivian adventure.

How to make this trip happen:

-Manila to Kuala Lumpur via Cebu Pacific roundtrip ticket costs about $200 USD

-Kuala Lumpur to Male 2 hours via Malaysian Airlines, roundtrip ticket costs about $500 USD

-Male to Kurumba Island is 10 minutes by speedboat, complimentary of Kurumba

-Allow a minimum of 3 hours between landing and check-in time of connecting flights to avoid being left behind.

-Whether your layover is in KL or Singapore, keep in mind that you might have to travel to a different airport for your flight to Male and allow at least 30 minutes for the transfer.

-Most flights out of Male are late at night so request for a late check-out in advance.

-A free 30-day tourist visa is granted upon arrival for Filipino citizens

-Prepare your hotel confirmation vouchers and departure ticket out of Male in case immigration wants to see it.

1 US Dollar = 15 Maldive Rufiyaa

*This information is updated at of May 2013

In search of more beautiful beaches,
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  1. i've only seen beautiful pictures of Maldives... and what a perfect getaway Kurumba is. What I know about the peple of Maldives is that they are very environmentally friendly people... they will go the extra mile to make sure that what they do is safe for their environment. I'd really love to visit this place one day.

  2. We hope you get your travel wish to see Maldives! Such a special kind of place to be one with nature.

  3. These locations are really beautiful, especially the beach. It attracts me a lot.


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