Sole Sister Spotlight: Wahine Yogini Adi

Monday, April 29, 2013

Adi and I first met during last year's Flow Surf Yoga Samba retreat in Baler. We realized we had too much in common- a chronic case of wanderlust, love for surf and insatiable thirst for new, exciting experiences. We have shared a few more adventures after that and I just had to ask her to be part of of the Sole Sisterhood- women who make travel happen. Here's a quick interview with Adi:

What’s a favorite place you have visited and why?

The southern coast of Lombok, Indonesia is my secret island. So many different beautiful beaches in such a little island and I feel at home here. The Maldives comes a close second! It's heaven on earth!

Sole Sister Spotlight: Wahine Yogini Adi8

What’s the best lesson you have learned from your travels?

Plan early, book your tickets ahead and plot your destinations on google maps to see if you're taking the best route. But don't hesitate to change your plans either if you feel like staying in a certain place longer. Be spontaneous, talk to people, take lots of photos and wash your own clothes to save money!

Sole Sister Spotlight: Wahine Yogini Adi2
Photo Credit: Ezra Efondo

What's your favorite travel moment?

In the Maldives, I got an impromptu watsu massage from a friend in the Indian ocean moonlight. I floated in a white mini dress watching the thousands of stars in the night sky above us. Every subtle movement made the plankton glow. It was surreal!

What's your worst travel moment?

I traveled with the Flow girls through India and wanted to see a dreamy place called Jaisalmer which had no airports. We had to take the stinkiest overnight sleeper train with some rats! It was probably everyone's worst travel moment but was so worth it because we ended up loving the place and the people in that town as well.

Sole Sister Spotlight: Wahine Yogini Adi10

Is there any work you had to do or you are currently doing in order to beef up your travel fund?

I trained as a yoga teacher so that I can work anywhere in the world. Although I haven't really started earning from that yet, basically I have investments that grow even without my supervision. 2013 is a really good time to invest in stocks and mutual funds in the Philippines as well. Do your research!

Sole Sister Spotlight: Wahine Yogini Adi1
Photo Credit: Ezra Efondo

You can also rent out your condo, house or apartment on vacation rental sites like wimdu and roomorama for additional pocket money! If you have a car but are planning to travel long term, sell it and invest the proceeds so that your money grows while you are away instead of letting the car's value depreciate. You can always buy another one if and when you decide to come back home!

Also, if you wanna travel more, you'll have to skimp on some luxuries at home. I make my own coffee and juices, cook a lot and never ever buy designer bags and clothes anymore! One of those temptations could be equivalent to a month in Thailand!

What are the things you can’t travel without?

iPhone - The best camera is the one you have all the time.
Sunblock - I love tropical destinations so SPF 45 is a must!
Flow eco-bag - I try to be eco-friendly even when traveling.

Sole Sister Spotlight: Wahine Yogini Adi13

What’s your favorite travel memento?

Aside from the thousands of photos I've taken over the years which I treasure most, I've brought home some decors like the antique Indian embroidery that hangs above my headboard, a red wooden elephant from Jaisalmer, an Om carving from a hippie store in California and a surf poster hand carried by Lois from Indonesia!

Who is the most memorable person you have met on your travels?

A Brazilian surfer who treated me like a princess during one long Bali trip. At a supermarket, he talked to me because he thought Lois & I were lost and offered us a ride home. We ended up hanging out for the next couple of months. He'd drive me around on the back of his motorbike with our boards to different surfspots, took me to dinner and always brought me chocolates. I have yet to find him and repay him for his kindness.

What's your most embarrassing travel moment?

Falling off the stairs in Cloud 9's boardwalk in Siargao. As I finished a sunset surf sesh, I was still disoriented from wiping out. I climbed up the slippery wooden stairs when a wave rushed in and I hit my head on the steps. The little kids around me had to help me up!

Sole Sister Spotlight: Wahine Yogini Adi5

Have you ever fallen in love while on the road? Describe.

Yes, and it gets better every single time! ;)

What's your advise for the women who want to make travel happen?

Don't wait. If you always wait for your boyfriend or friends to go somewhere, it might take a while because your schedules might never be in sync. Get comfortable traveling alone. Asian travelers are rarely seen exploring the world on their own. Let's change that, shall we?

Sole Sister Spotlight: Wahine Yogini Adi14
Photo Credit: Ezra Efondo
When people ask me who I'm with and I say I'm alone, some gasp in horror as if its the worst thing in the world. And then they look at you with puppy dog eyes quietly assuming you don't have any family and friends. Yes my dear, you might get the same reaction. It's equivalent to being in a wedding and everyone sits as a couple and you're the odd one out at the table. But no worries. Who cares, right?

While some look at you in admiration and respect. Some regret that they should have done the same when they were younger. Some cheer you on and encourage you to do everything you want while you're still single, have no kids and little responsibilities. It's empowering to choose a place, plan it, work for it and actually make it happen.

Sole Sister Spotlight: Wahine Yogini Adi7

If you haven't taken the leap to travel alone and are wondering what people actually do when they do... anything and everything they want! I think that when you travel by yourself, you're never really alone. Anyone can be your friend. It's really up to you to make things happen and take advantage of the situation.

So travel when you want, where you want! Life is too short to keep on waiting for everybody. Take flight, Sole Sisters!

Sole Sister Spotlight: Wahine Yogini Adi9

Adi escaped from the corporate life years ago and her life now happily revolves around surfing, yoga and traveling. Her goal is to live a totally eco-friendly lifestyle and inspire those around her to do the same. She dreams of sharing her AntiGravity Yoga and Vinyasa practice in beautiful tropical destinations around the world and also to speak Spanish fluently! Her family is building Secret Spot Baler one hut at a time. Follow Adi's adventures on Wahine Yogini Travels.

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3 sole trails

  1. You guys look like sisters! You both have strong personality! =) and the bikini bod, wow! I will invest in yoga if it means i'm gonna have a body like lois and adi! hahaha!

  2. What an inspiring story! Nice interview Lois, and I will echo Joni Kiki. Nice bikini bods. I'll do yoga tomorrow na hahaha

  3. what hit me was this...

    "Don't wait. If you always wait for your boyfriend or friends to go somewhere, it might take a while because your schedules might never be in sync."

    so true that i'm at that stage now when it's hard to ask who can go with you...either because of their availability or the place you want to go to was visited by them already...

    nice feature :)


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