My Splendid Little Apartment in Seoul

Friday, April 05, 2013

There comes a time when a traveler gets tired of having to live from a backpack, shuttle from one crummy hostel to the other or stay at another generic, impersonal hotel with some random watercolor print above the bed. 

This is how I felt when I decided to travel to Seoul last January. I had decided to travel alone- in the dead of winter. I needed to make sure I got just a central location, so it's easier for me to find my way around the city. And I had to ensure I find a place close to public transportation so I wouldn't end freezing or having to pay for cab fare every time. 

And most of all, I wanted to find a way to connect with the place.

Wimdu Apartment in Seoul2

We all know how a city can be so unfriendly and even hostile to tourists. I needed that friendly hello, the familiar smell of home, the warmth and comfort of a bed or in this case- a traditional Korean sleeping mat. 

I was very lucky to find a splendid little apartment in the heart of Seoul, Korea through Wimdu. First of all, the location was perfectly central! It was literally a few steps away from the train station- Gongdeok Stop. It was so easy to find and it saved me a lot of money in terms of cab fares and other transportation cost. I would step out to a selection of cafes, groceries and traditional Korean restaurants. It was also just one stop from the Hong Dae university area which I absolutely loved for the shopping, nightlife and artsy, fresh vibe.

Wimdu Apartment in Seoul1

The apartment itself was perfect for a solo traveler or a couple. It was relatively small, but the space was maximized and the host made sure it was well-stocked with milk, coffee, toiletries and even towels and a hairdryer which made me feel I was right at home!

Wimdu Apartment in Seoul3

The decor also reflected Korean culture because the chairs were pastel-colored, cute and there was even a traditional Korean mat! I had arrived in the dead of winter but thankfully, even the floors were heated! I also made use of the oven, iron and washer & dryer in the apartment which was very convenient.

Wimdu Apartment in Seoul5

I have to confess that I spent more time in this Wimdu apartment, more than outdoors. I just felt so comfortable lounging around and watching the snow fall from the large windows of the apartment.

What a great first experience in Korea!

How to make this trip happen: 

-You can check out the apartment I stayed in through here: Hongdae Apartment.

-Cebu Pacific offers direct flights from Manila or Cebu to Incheon.They also have four times weekly services from Manila or Cebu to Busan.

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  1. Nice, Lois! The apartment looks clean and simple! It has everything you need! =)


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