My Batanes Fantasy Came True- On GMA News TV 11's Poptalk!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It took over 10 years but I finally made it to Batanes.

My Batanes fantasy started in college when I met my great friend Pam in a Political Science class. She was this beautifully brown Ivatan girl who spoke of rolling hills, breathtaking beaches and a culture that was unlike any other I have ever experienced.

Fast forward to 2010 when we joined a contest that we hoped would fly us to Batanes. But we didn't win and I've had to shelve a trip to the northernmost tip of the Philippines.

Until 2 weeks ago. 

I got a message from another Filipino travel blogger, Antonio of Pusang Kalye. It read:

"Alo Lois, are you in the Philippines? GMANews Tv's POP TALK will have a Batanes food and travel episode.They are looking for a guest blogger. From the words of my friends who scouts for the show "sexy or may abs na gusto sa beach magswimming. Haha. Sa Batanes po ang shoot." ---Feb27-Mar4. Pls DM me if you are around and interested. Thanks!"

I couldn't believe it, was my Batanes dream finally going to come true? There was one thing standing in the way though: 


I mean I've had it. But that was 5 years ago. Case in point, me and Pam in Boracay in 2008:

But I still sent Antonio a message and crossed my fingers. It was evident that the heavens were on my side when I get a call from Mychal of Pop Talk and I was off to Batanes in a matter of days!

To say that the trip was surreal would be an understatement. First off, I want to tease you guys with a few photos:

But those don't tell the real story. Imagine 3 reviewers traveling and having adventures in all 3 inhabited islands of Batanes: Batan, Sabtang and even far flung Itbayat!

We went biking through zigzag roads, trekked through caves and mountains, got on roller coaster boat rides, tasted all these delicious home cooked Ivatan food and most of all experienced true Ivatan hospitality everywhere! 

Batanes Adventure with Pop Talk11
Photo Credit: Mildren Penales
Batanes Adventure with Pop Talk10

Batanes Adventure with Pop Talk2
Photo Credit: Mildren Penales
Batanes Adventure with Pop Talk9

Batanes Adventure with Pop Talk6

Batanes Adventure with Pop Talk8

Batanes Adventure with Pop Talk7

Batanes Adventure with Pop Talk4

Batanes Adventure with Pop Talk3

Pictures are simply not enough!

So please join us on our Batanes Adventure! Tonight, March 12, Pop Talk takes us on a tour of Batanes' three islands! Please watch the first of a 2-part Anniversary Episode at 10 PM on GMA News TV 11! And next week, we'll be reviewing Batanes cuisine on March 19, same time, same channel.

Follow Pop Talk on Facebook and Twitter for schedule and updates!

Cover photo credit: Mildren  Penales

Planning the next Batanes adventure,
Sole Sister Lois

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  1. Congratulations, Lois! More pictures please!!!!!

  2. Batanes is one of my dream destinations and what is holding me back are those raging waves and the boats but other than that, I wished I can step on my dream island soonest. I am excited to see you on this one Lois.

  3. Will post more about Batanes soon, Joni. Thanks for asking!

  4. Thanks Doc Wends! Yeah, some of the boat rides to the islands can be rough for some travelers. But I can guarantee that Batanes is worth a little bit of sea sickness ;-) Happy travels and hope you make it to Batanes soon!

  5. I envy you. Batanes has been part of my bucketlist for years already. I'm hoping to immerse myself in a culture that was unlike any other, just like what you said. Congratulations!

  6. I had fun reading how you ended up in Batanes. Can't wait to see more pictures of the islands.

  7. Was able to watch you in the two poptalk episode. Waiting for a more detailed blog of your Batanes adventure.

  8. been to batan islan in march 1997 with my mave class. it was a taste of heaven on earth.

  9. been to batan islan in march 1997 with my mave class. it was a taste of heaven on earth.



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