Sole Sister Spotlight: Sunny Adventurer Hannah

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A young, sunny girl whose images capture your eye and whose words make your heart melt.

That's Hannah for you- in a nutshell. This girl's lovely images made me follow her all the way to her blog, adventures and dreams. I couldn't help myself- she's just so captivating! You wish you lived in her world under the yellow sun. And we simply had to know more! So we asked her a few questions:

What’s your favorite place you have visited and why?

This is so difficult to answer! Locally, probably Palawan. I love the sea, and diving inside shipwrecks was a gift. Abroad, Tuscany is probably my favorite. I love the Italian countryside and the cinque terre!


What’s the best lesson you have learned from your travels?

That the world is filled with good, that getting lost is sometimes the best way to see beautiful things, that I don't know anything about anything, and that ships aren't built for safe harbors.

What's your favorite travel moment?
No single favorite moment. Probably always just the act of being on the way to somewhere potentially amazing... And it happens each time I go. I love it. I love the excitement it brings to my heart. And then coming home with stories and photos. I always love that feeling, and it happens each time I go. 

IMG_3912 copy



What's your worst travel moment?

Probably the loneliness of my backpacking-by-myself trip in Europe. There were times when I just wanted to go home already. I got pickpocketed and didn't have a way back to my host and I didn't have anyone to call, no one to hug me and tell me after that it's okay, at least you're safe. I learned a lot, though! But no travel mishap would ever keep me in, I think. Even being bitten by a monkey in Coron! Just the missing people part. That's probably the feeling that hurts the most when you are always on the move? The feeling of isolation, of not being able to be there every week anymore for the usual get-together.

Also your world starts to be so different. Bigger, but sometimes lonelier. You come home, and you can't relate to people's problems about school or work. About office-mates  or their boss, or the perils of an 8-5. You don't remember the last time you had to worry about taking an exam. And very few understand the struggles I have as well. But you find out which friends are the truest this way. Which ones will keep in touch even if you're never home. There are tons of difficulties, but nonetheless I think when you travel, you still never run out of love. 


Is there any work you had to do or you are currently doing in order to beef up your travel fund? 

I'm lucky enough to be in a job where I can get paid to travel. So anything I earn from my travels or from my photography, I immediately save up for more travel. When I'm in the city, I carefully choose what I spend for so I can travel more. You don't need to have a trust fund to travel often--you just have to choose where you put in your money, I think.

You're lucky enough to do two things that you love: photography and traveling. Can you share your top three favorite photos from your travels?

Man making masks, Venezia - Love this photo because it's an example of the things I find when I just get lost. I was terribly lost and terribly cold in Venice, and then I entered this shop and this man was crafting masks for carnivale. His eyes say so much about him as well...

IMG_8067 copy

Lola with blue ringed eyes, Kalinga - I found her because of the yellow. She was walking around with a yellow garbage bag on her head to shield her from the rain and then she was smoking a cigar like a badass. I got off the roof of the jeep so I could get close to her. And then when I looked even closer I saw that her eyes had these blue rings around them. She was wonderful, and asked me for matches after. 

I love her secret smile in this one.


4x4s, Pampanga - I love this photograph for very personal, and not photographic reasons. Just the vastness of the landscape made me feel so small, and the 4x4s looked like they were holding the promise of an adventure. I felt really happy and really hungry that day, just to see more and to go farther. It was a really surreal feeling, like I knew this is what I really wanted. To just go. 

VAL01935 copy

What’s the best part about being a photojournalist?

All the learning and the interaction with people from all walks of life. Also it really puts you into perspective. You're beside all these really talented folks and you realize how sucky your work is, or how far you still have to go.

What are the things you can’t travel without?

A big smile and of course, my camera.

What’s your favorite travel souvenir?

I don't buy souvenirs -- things have ways of weighing you down. Instead I take photos :)


Hannah is equipped with a camera, a good sense of adventure, and a bucket list. She's still experimenting with life but trying her best to learn how to take good pictures. Check out her adventure diary.

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*All images have been provided by Hannah Reyes.

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  1. Beautiful! I also follow Hannah's Yellow Adventures.. :)

  2. I remember a friend of mine told me about her back in college. I read in her blog somewhere that it's not really about the instrument (the camera, for instance) but how you use it. That really inspired me! I now apply it not just in photography but in almost everything. <3 Leng


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