5 Reasons Why You Should Join Manila Pubcrawl

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Remember those crazy college parties you had? Okay if it's taking too long to remember, don't try too hard. Either you were too wasted back then, or it's too long ago.

I first joined Manila Pubcrawl in December last year, and I don't remember having so much fun since college. Okay maybe since Vang Vieng. In fact, I had so much fun, I had to do it twice!

Here are 5 reasons why you should be part of the next Manila PubCrawl experience!

Manila Pubcrawl9

Reason #1: Get on Board the Party Jeepney

You think they'd actually make you crawl to the next party place? No way! We partied in style aboard the colorful and fun air-conditioned jeepney, the most prominent mode of transportation across the country! PubCrawlers can go from one bar to another just having fun, playing interesting games, and having interesting conversations.

The jeepney was our only witness to all the crazy things that happen between bars! So, aside from enjoying the party and music in our chosen club, we also got to explore the city at night with its vibrant lights.

Manila Pubcrawl3

Reason #2: Party Like You've Never Before

When was the last time you hopped on a jeep, chatted up some strangers, drank with a handful of people, danced, partied, hopped on a jeepney again- only to do the whole thing repeatedly for the rest of the night? Do I hear a NEVER? Manila PubCrawl really got me out of my shell to meet people, find commonalities (besides drinking beer) and have a whole lot of fun in the process!

Manila Pubcrawl1

Reason #3: It's Like Speed Dating- on Full Speed!

Single and ready to mingle? The Manila Pubcrawl experience is the best way to ward off those lonely weekends. A lot of the PubCrawlers come to the party alone, then hit the next few bars and clubs with friends in tow. It's a great way to meet new people!

Manila Pubcrawl2

Reason #4: Make a Few Lot of Friends

There's no escaping it- there are no wallflowers at Manila Pubcrawl. The Team Captains will make sure of it! Especially the Big Badass Wolf Oli and Chief Bitchtrategist DJ (of dreameurotrip.com fame).

Manila Pubcrawl12

Whether it's beer pong or drinking games, there's always a way for you to let out your inner party animal. Guaranteed: you'll make more friends than you can hang on to when your feet fail you!

Manila Pubcrawl7

Reason #5: Get Crazy Happy

More than the whole party experience, Manila PubCrawl aims to share and instill happiness to everyone who joins. They want to create a community to connect people even after the PubCrawl. No one is left behind, literally and figuratively. This is easily the best party experience in Manila!

But wait- there's also a Boracay PubCrawl  and most recently, they've launched the newest one in Quezon City!

Have I convinced you enough to join? Here's one more great reason: We're giving away three 3 tickets for Manila Pubcrawl in Quezon City this coming Saturday, Feb 9! Here's how you can join:


1. Like Manila PubCrawl Page and then share this blogpost on facebook and tag us by saying: "I want  to join the epic party of Manila Pubcrawl" = 2 raffle entries

2. Comment on this blogpost and tell us why they would like to join Manila PubCrawl = 1 raffle entry + a chance to win another ticket for the best comment

We're giving away two tickets randomly chosen from those who shared and commented and 1 ticket from the best answer in the comments.  This contest ends at 6PM on Friday, Feb 8, 2013 and winners will be announced at 8pm via Manila PubCrawl Page.

So don't just stand there! Give me a big MANILAAAA! PUBCRAAAAAWL!

Off to the next party adventure,
Sole Sister Lois

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. The party bliss is very obvious in those snaps! Interesting air-con jeep eh?!

  3. I loved the concept of pub-crawl from the very beginning! I first heard of them when they were looking for applicants, and was raring to send in my video application to join such an awesome-sounding team. If I wasn't overtaken by nerves and the inferiority-complex woes of that time, I would have sent one in, being the absolute party-lover that I am! Haha. Honestly, though, I've been looking forward to catching a glimpse of them and how they do things, especially the Boracay leg. :) More power and hope to meet you guys one day! :)

  4. Just join us already and send that video application in Fargazer ;D


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