Ways to Make Your Luggage Stand Out (and Drool-worthy too!)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I have a confession: Being in the airport baggage claim area makes me feel superior. Haha.
In a usually disorderly setting where people crane their necks and grapple their way to get in front of the baggage carousel, hoping to not miss or swap their luggage, I'm like an invincible tower who spots her luggage from the back of the room. And that's not just because I am indeed a tower (at 5'9") but because I have an eye-catching trolley that only the blind would miss.

Photo from: airport-int.com

The key: personalized luggage. All it takes is a do-it-yourself spiff up and you can ensure that your luggage stands out and that you will never end up with someone else’s baggage.

1.       Pick luggage in a striking color

I'm positive that the bold-colored Jelly Bean luggage collection by Hideo Wakamatsu will brighten up even the most anxious face at the airport. This stylish luggage is available in six colors to match your Travel Personality. Whether you are The Explorer,  The Romantic, The Dreamer, The Nature Crusader, The Daredevil, or The Extrovertthere’s a Jelly Bean color to reflect your personality.  The collection is available in two sizes (19" and 24.5"); it is reasonably priced at PHP6,900 and PHP8,800, respectively and sold online at www.hideowakamatsu-ph.com.

Jelly Bean 2
Jelly Bean 1

2.       Paint the case

Up the ante and go Lady Pink on your Jelly Bean hard case. Spray paint, acrylics and brushes are your must-have tools for this.  Remember to clean first the surface before you begin. Cover metal parts and areas that you don’t want painted with masking tape. You can use stencils to guide you on your choice of design. When the paint is dry, use Mod Podge or clear coat to seal your artwork. 

videojugdotcom edit
Photo from: videojug.com

3.       Spruce it up with stickers and tapes

If you are not handy with brushes and paints, opt for a more user-friendly decorating tool – stickers. Use your travel mementos like postcards, polaroids, stamps, stickers or cute Washi Tapes by Hey Kessy. Just prepare your theme in mind, arrange the materials how you want them to be laid out and stick them onto the case or wrap the luggage handle. Remember to seal the surface with Mod Podge or finishing spray.

Photo from: apartmenttheraphy.com
Photo from: googlygooeys.com

4.       Use funky luggage tags

Put a final spin to your Jelly Bean with a personalized bag tag - print your own or have it custom made (there are tons of print shops that cater to this). Or use quirky bag tags from Flight 001, Fab Manila and Of the Fountain
luggage tags 3
Photos from: flight001.com (left), freshhomeideas.com (upper right)

Personalizing luggage demands a good load of creativity and Lois and I thought it would be fun to gather up some creative and artsy-craftsy friends, so that’s exactly what we did. We invited friends to a "Jelly Bean Art Jam Session" to spruce up our already drool-worthy Hideo Wakamatstu Jelly Bean trolleys.

Mansy Abesamis (master craft-maker at Hey Kessy), Jen Horn (creator of Muni PH / word weaver on Nomad Manager), Soliel Ignacio (illustrator), together with Sole Sisters readers Raych Ramos and Stella Maris plus friends from Hideo Wakamatsu Philippines collaborated in decorating our Jelly Beans. 

To add a twist, we were not allowed to see them while they work their magic. Lois and I gave them ideas and inspiration about the things we love and left everything up to their interpretation. 

Watch our Jelly Beans transform from an eye-catcher to jealous-worthy center of attention:

Happy campers: Lois and Madz
Jelly Bean Art Jam
Personalizing your luggage not only makes it stand out but also adds so much more character to it, plus it's a great way to bond with your fellow wanderlusters.

Our biggest thanks to our friends who made our Hideo Wakamatsu Jelly Beans even more awesome!
Special thanks to Justin of Hari Ng Lakbay for the video.

How about you? How do you personalize your luggage? Do share in the comments section below.
Happy globe-trotting,
Sole Sister Madz
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