The Sole Sisters' Guide to Making Travel Happen Part 2

Monday, January 21, 2013

Last week, we shared 5 ways for you to make travel happen. Some were based on personal experiences and others were shared by a few travelers we admire. Here's a meatier second installment:

6 Work Online

Sole Sister contributor Eartha of Earth2Eartha says there are several opportunities to work online while on the road. Hers include: teaching English online, reviewing movie trailers and part time e-learning. They won’t always pay as much as what you would normally earn. But it can be enough to sustain a vagabond lifestyle

Make Travel Happen 2- Work Online

I agree that there are so many ideas to create an online income stream. Blogging was our way of earning extra income while traveling. Not convinced? Here's how to start a blog and 15 reasons why you should start blogging now. You can also offer your social media or online marketing skills to companies and organizations and earn from that. If you are a great photographer, consider working on a cruise or for a travel magazine.

As long as you have a laptop and a strong internet connection- the possibilities are endless!

Make Travel Happen 2 - Volunteers
Photo Credit: Mies Heerma

7 Volunteer or go on a Working Holiday

If you already have a destination in mind but feel you wont be able to afford to go or stay there long-term, consider looking for volunteer or work opportunities in that area. There could be a resort, camp or event that you could offer your services in exchange for a small salary or free board and lodging. Here are some examples:

Claire volunteered for Danjugan’s marine and wildlife camps for kids. Not only did she experience this island playground, she became part of the Danjugan Island Environmental Education Program (DEEP) that teaches environmental awareness and conservation to public elementary school students and teachers from the mainland of Negros Occidental province.

Mars combined her love for travel, mountaineering and service when she, along with her mountaineering friends, dropped by the Mongoto Elementary School to give book donations and storytelling sessions with the local kids at Mt. Timbak.

Claire suggests volunteering with Hands On Manila through their Volunteer Vacations program and with Habitat for Humanity which has a Global Village program. That's where international volunteers go to a country to build homes through its local volunteering programs. She joined a special mission in 2011- the challenge of building 6,000 homes for families whose homes were totally damaged by the typhoon in Cagayan de Oro.

Make Travel Happen 2 - Volunteer
Photo from: Mies Heerma

Reiza applied for VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas), an international organization that sends volunteers to developing countries abroad to contribute to capacity building and sustainable development. She found hersefl in Ethiopia, East Africa. Despite her meager volunteer allowance, she did not pass up the chance to see this beautiful and enigmatic country.

Josiah volunteered for a medical mission an island in Taytay, Palawan. He brazenly presented himself to document the mission as the photographer and they agreed. Same with Ian who helped a Non-Profit Organization called Hilot Pinoy. What they do is teach indigenous and marginalized people skills that will help bring additional income to their families and help their community. They teach these people how to do the traditional Filipino way of healing by the use of herbal products and the traditional filipino massage therapy of Hilot. He became the official photographer of the group in Dingalan, Aurora.

Make Travel Happen 2
Photo Credit: Dream Euro Trip

DJ of Dream Euro Trip, a self-confessed music festival freak, makes his travel dreams of seeing his favorite bands live happen by applying as a volunteer in various European summer music festivals. All you have to do is choose the festival you want to attend, apply as a volunteer online and wait for their reply that you are accepted. The jobs vary from giving festival armbands, working at the entrance or press office, selling beers and food in the festival area, guarding the backstage (where you get to see the bands up close!) and many more. As a volunteer, you also have other benefits like free food and drinks while working and free souvenir T-shirt! The best part is, you have the opportunity to make new friends who will make your stay extra memorable!

Ed traveled to the northeastern part of Malaysia for an opportunity to live in a five-star resort for two months. He had an amazing time working as a waiter during the summer season, and this break has been one of the best experiences in his backpacking adventure!

Locally, I have spent some time volunteering with the Hotchkiss Foundation in 2011. I gave inspirational talks on eco-tourism, travel, and environmental stewardship to the Eco-scouts of the Hotchkiss Learning Center. While there, I also conducted a leadership workshop for their teachers. Here's how you can volunteer for them.

If those suggestions aren't enough, here's 18 more ways to travel free or next to nothing and the story of how this girl quit her job to travel the world nonstop for 4 years and counting.

8 Spread the Word

I know it sounds foolish to talk to people about your travel dreams. But I've learned how people can actually help you make your travel dream happen. If you clearly tell people where you want to go, how you want to get there and what support you need, chances are they will help you. I believe we were put in this world for collaboration rather than competition.

So talk to people, tell them about your dreams- and watch the magic happen!

9 Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Travel may require you to let your guard down and lower your standards for food, accommodations and maybe even hygiene. Let's just say the pickiest traveler will have the least fun! So be prepared to experience some bumpy and cramped bus rides, not too clean toilets and a few bed bugs and mosquito bites. This is all part of the travel experience!

Make Travel Happen 2
Photo Credit: Pinay on the Move

10 Be Fearless

Graciel of Pinay on the Move gives us this final advice: You've done the hard work so now it's time to have fun on your great big adventure. What next? Remember to pack light and always consider your safety. But don't over think or over analyze things. You will encounter bumps along the road and this is normal. You are fearless and you know it!

Just remember: If you find a focus, an ambitious goal that seems impossible and forces you to grow,  all your doubts will disappear.

How do YOU make travel happen? Don't forget to share your tips in the comments!

Main photo credit: Tommy Schultz Photography

Making travel happen,
The Sole Sisters

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