The Sole Sisters' Guide to Making Travel Happen Part 1

Monday, January 14, 2013

We have the same goal in the New Year.

To make travel happen. And that's why we listed down 10 ways to help you accomplish just that. Some of these are based on our personal experiences. And because this year is our year for collaboration, we've also asked a few travelers we admire to share a few tips of their own. Here's the first installment:

1 Create a vision or a goal

How to Get Exactly What You Want in 2011

Graciel of Pinay on the Move says it all starts with a crazy idea. Whether you heard about a beautiful secluded beach in the Polynesian or saw a photo of the northern lights in Alaska, the seeds of travel have already been planted. The trick is to keep this vision alive and maybe even take it a notch higher (round the world trip anyone?). Turn your dream trip into a goal so you can plan and work towards achieving it. If it helps, create a vision board. You can even use Pinterest to do it or Google maps.


Piggy savings bank
Photo Credit: Alan Cleaver

Sole Sister contributor Eartha of Earth2Eartha planned ahead when she gave her company her 6 month notice. She knew she needed time to save money. She also moved out of her apartment to be able to set aside the funds she would have spent on rent. Plus she's been keeping an eye on her daily expenses. By February 2013, she'll be getting a tax refund. And she's making sure it all goes straight to her travel fund!

Graciel says we should cut back on the shopping, eating out and all the other little things that we don't really need. She also gives more budget advice: you can keep track on excel, google docs or download a free app so you like Spending Tracker or Easy Envelope. This will help you to stick with your budget and show you a great visual of how your travel funds accumulate! As for organizing the actual trip, you can use which integrates into your social media platform- it's free to use.

3 Find a Travel Buddy

Sole Sisters in Coron

Planning a trip on your own seems like a lot of work? Find a travel buddy or buddies to lighten the load. Assign tasks like booking flights, accommodations or doing research. Find someone you're comfortable to travel with and see if you are a good fit. Start with weekend trips just to gauge whether you will drive each other insane or not. Another tip: traveling with another person can actually make your trip cost cheaper by at least 50%. Think about it: If you're traveling solo, you're probably paying for a room that can fit 2 anyway. You can also ask for discounts for bigger groups. If all else fails, be prepared to travel solo

4 Find free board and lodging

Aliya Surf Camp Baler7

Eartha recommends staying with relatives, friends, couchsurfing or joining an organization called HelpX or Help Exchange, where you get to work for a few hours a day anywhere in the world in exchange for free accommodations. Also consider wwoofing, an organization that assists those who would like to work as volunteers on organic farms internationally. You meet and interact directly with locals and the other volunteers are most often wonderful people and great fun to work with. 

Accommodations is one of the major costs you'll have to compute into your travel fund on a daily basis. It always helps if you can get it for free!

5 Score free or cheap flights

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
Photo Credit: matt.hintsa
There are many ways you can get free flights. You can get them through your credit card miles, whenever you sign up for a new credit card or when a relative generously transfers some miles into your account. If none of these apply to you, make sure you sign up for the seat sales and airline alerts. Planning your trips at least 6 months in advance may also bring the price down by more than half. Or get discounted Round the World tickets through Air Treks like Eartha did when she booked tickets for Manila-Sydney-Melbourne- New Zeland-Japan-Dubai-UK- all for only 2,400 USD!

Want more tips? This is just Part 1 of the guide. Get 5 more ways to make travel happen Part 2- that's Friday!

How do YOU make travel happen? Don't forget to share your tips in the comments!

Not just waiting for travel to happen,
The Sole Sisters
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6 sole trails

  1. Great tips! I'm sure his would be a good help to push peeps who keep postponing their travel dream. Well, don't wait too long, you need more time to enjoy every minute of it. Once you start, you can never go back or never want to stop. Be warned of the travel bug, it's a bite worth the itch. You'll have to scratch your itchy feet all the time. ;)

  2. It seems like since I've become a blogger a lot of my funds do go towards experiencing more - but I wouldn't have it any other way as I was always an avid traveler and having a blog kicks me into gear to find stories and explore more.
    In order to do so I save my money - cut out going out to dinner, cut the junk food (it's more expensive than you realize), go out for drinks with friends less or just share a bottle of wine at home on T.V. night - keep expenses as low as you can without making yourself miserable. I've been able to save $500 a month so far for my France trip in September.

  3. @Lyndsay/ Discount Travel Blogger
    Thanks for your lovely comment! We do hope people be inspired to take a step closer to their travel dreams through this post. Yes, we absolutely agree about the travel itch! There's no turning back. Some trips can truly change your life!

  4. @Murissa @TheWanderfullTraveler

    I totally agree with paying for experiences. I can scrimp on food and accommodations but never on experiences. Thanks for sharing your tips! I rent our apartments myself that come with a kitchen and washer. Saves me money on restaurant food and laundry!

  5. Some great tips here. I hope this inspires lots of others to start travelling. Its possible to begin slowly by getting out around our own neighbourhoods and discovering things local to us.It does not have to be expensive to travel.

  6. Absolutely agree Dhie Island girl traveller! It's a misconception that only the rich can travel. We can always find ways to explore albeit locally at first.


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