May the Best of 2012 be the Worst of 2013!

Thursday, January 03, 2013

The year that was feels like a rollercoaster ride- in the dark. And we're riding it as it's being constructed. We've been making things up as we along and the word for 2012 is EXPERIMENTATION.

It has been an experiment on sustaining a lifestyle solely focused on travel. It has been an experiment on how to connect with people and collaborate on exciting projects. It has been an experiment on how far one can go while fueled by passion.

Let's go down memory lane together and revisit some important moments on the Sole Sisters' trail. These are the highlights of 2012:

Truth About Coming Home

The Sole Sisters come back to the Philippines after 6 months on the road. Less than 6 months later, post travel depression sinks in. The girls think about their next steps. The vacation is definitely over. And the question is: Will they sell out and go back to corporate life? Or will they forge on and find a way to travel despite the odds?

Lois in Times Square

New York Revisited

Lois gets a chance to go back to her favorite city when she goes back to the US for the Passion Test Facilitator's course. She walks down some familiar and not so-familiar places. She rediscovers Manhattan's Lower East Side and samples some of The Big Apple's fabulous restaurants.

Sole Sisters on TV

The 6 month journey across 9 countries on less than 100,000 PHP has piqued people's (and the media's) curiosity. It started with a feature on Cebu Pacific Smile magazine. Which snowballed into an interview with Jessica Soho, Howie Severino and even ANC's show On The Money with Edric Mendoza.

Spain Flag

Spain Crash

The Sole Sisters get invited by a group of fearless female travel bloggers to join them and run with the bulls in Pamplona. Lois excitedly accepts only to get her visa denied and her Spain dreams come crashing down. She gets over the disappointment by planning her next trips and getting busy with other projects such as:

Passion Play 

After being certified as a Passion Test facilitator in the US, Lois applied her knowledge by creating the Passion Play retreat in some of the Philippines' best surf spots. The retreat has been designed to help others find what they love and make a living doing that. It also combines her top passions: travel, surfing and speaking as well as yoga and art to get people out of their comfort zone to start rediscovering what excites them most.

Adi in Bali, Icoronndonesia- Surf Check

Surfari Expeditions

Surfing takes center stage and they explore Bali, Arugam Bay in Sri Lanka as well as premier surf destinations in the Philippines: Puraran and Surigao. The goal? To become better surfers, explore some the best surf spots the world could offer and help promote the Philippine surfing scene.

Travel Massive Invades Manila

The connected is made with Travel Massive co-founder Ian Cumming to bring the biggest travel industry meet up around the world to Manila. The first Travel Massive Manila event is a massive success as more than a hundred individuals showed up for travel talks and networking. The second networking event got bigger and on to more meet ups in 2013!

Search for the next Sole Sister

With Chichi moving to Singapore early in the year, Lois needed a partner in crime. A search ensued for a female traveler who made travel happen. In the beginning there were 3. But after the readers voted, one woman emerged as the winner. Enter Sole Sister Madz who quit the world of advertising to follow her passion for transforming beauties through her make up skills. The Sole Sisters have since been working hard as a team to take this travel blog to a whole new level. And of course, planning the next trips!

Sole Sisters in Coron

Coron Exploration

The Sole Sisters received an invite to explore Coron from Coron Eco Lodge. They find their own piece of paradise and compare what they loved most about these Palawan islands. It's a fantastic first trip for this duo!

A Million Thanks

Last month, We Are Sole Sisters travel blog reached the ultimate blog dream of 1 MILLION HITS! Thank you for being part of our 2 year journey and we hope you continue to join these itchy soles in the next year!

To 2013 And Beyond!

Experimentation was the word for Sole Sisters 2012. This year, the word will be COLLABORATION- connecting like minded individuals. The focus is on building a community of travelers who make travel happen for themselves and others.

Partnerships and Collaboration

We will be partnering with a few select brands and individuals to continue to give the best travel content. Recently, we've started working with Hideo Wakamatsu luggage to bring these beautifully designed, trendy pieces to travel crazy women just like the Sole Sisters. We have also opened a shop dedicated for products and services that will make travel easier and much more exciting! We believe that travel is an empowering experience and we will only partner with brands and companies that have that in mind.

Interested? See how we can work together here.

Hideo Wakamatsu Jelly Bean Colors

Lifestyle Design

The quest for location independence and more freedom to travel continues. The Sole Sisters will continue to find adventure and places that are off the beaten path. Travel continues to take center stage as we explore destinations and ourselves in the process.

Destinations and Goals

Lois will start the year with a bang by going to South Korea next week. A revisit to Myanmar is also on the horizon. More trips are in the planning stage for the Sole Sisters and we can't wait to fill this year with snapshots and visa stamps!

Our first step for the new year is the newly redesigned We Are Sole Sisters website. It has been revamped and beautified by 2 super talented, hardworking and uber professional designers: Justine and Xavier. And with this BIG change, we invite you to go on a trip with us!

The first person to post a screenshot of the new We Are Sole Sisters redesign with the newest article for 2013 on our facebook wall will get to join the Passion Play retreat (worth: 6,000PHP) for free!

Happy New Year dear readers! May the Best of your 2012 be the Worst of your 2013! What are you looking forward to in the year ahead? Share in the comments below!

Exciting times ahead,
The Sole Sisters

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4 sole trails

  1. Looking forward to seeing more places (hopefully not only in SEA!), indulging in more food, and meeting more awesome people! Good job on your new and improved site Sole Sisters! Have a wicked 2013!

  2. Hope all your New Year wished come true Marianne! All the best for this year and beyond! Happy travels!

  3. Your journey is really inspiring! I'm a fan! :D

  4. congrats on the 1 Million hits!love the new design and cheers to more COLLABORATION you have planned. hope to join in your inspiring projects!


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