A Guide to Island Bumming in Coron

Friday, January 18, 2013

Look at this trove
Treasures untold
How many wonders can one cavern hold?
Looking around here you think
Sure, she's got everything

couldn't help but channel Ariel, the Little Mermaid and I kept singing her song in my head all throughout our stay in my amazement for Coron. And all we did was sail, swim and swim some more that I thought I’d grow fins and tails or somehow wished to have them for a moment. 

I know the word "paradise" is overused but there's no better way to describe Coron than to call it a paradise. It is idyllic, almost transcendental even, and with its towering limestone walls, vividly hued beaches and rich marine life, it evokes wonder, peace and vulnerability. It also serves as a perfect setting for island bumming and we wasted no time doing just that. 

As if you needed a guide on island bumming, I'll show you how Lois and I did it.

We sailed, swam and said hello to underwater friends. Clearly, Lois did not need to wish for gills because she could hold her breath for a long time as she went free diving, while I on the other hand depended on a life vest for my precious life.

When we're not swimming, we were playing in the sand. 


When we're not busy playing like rowdy kids at an amusement park, we were busy stuffing ourselves in a feast.

coron feast 1DSCN0884edit
When we're done eating our friends from the sea, we would go on siesta in a hammock or simply lazed on the beach. 

After a whole day of hopping 'round islands, we would head back to the town proper where the comfort of our hotel sweet hotel awaits - Coron Ecolodge.

And on our last day, I tried another way of sight-seeing Coron - bird's eye view - at Zipline Coron.

That's how we spent our days in Coron and I thought to myself that perhaps, I could live like that - I could stay in a place where it's as if to rush is to disturb harmony. I left Coron with a pang in my chest and a promise that it would not be the last time I'd roam its islands.

Carefree in Coron,
Sole Sister Madz


How to make this trip happen:

  • How to get to Busuanga from Manila: 
You can choose from the following airlines. Zest Air and Air Phil Express have the most affordable fares at around P3,000 (RT).

Philippine Airlines

Cebu Pacific

Zest Air

Airphil Express

In the past, another option to get there is by ferry but this is not the case anymore since 2GO's acquisition of Superferry; there are no longer trips to Coron by ferry.

Sole Sisters Tip: To save on fare, book during the first three days of the week or set up a seat sale alert on pay days. Airlines usually release their updated fares and promos during these days.

  • How to get from Busuanga to Coron (town): 
Take a van from the airport to the town of Coron at P150/pax.

During our trip, our airport transfers were arranged by Coron Ecolodge for us. If you have pre-booked your accommodation and tour, this is usually included in the package.  

  • Where to stay:
There's a ton of budget rooms where you can stay in Coron. This time, we went on a glampacking mode as we were fortunate to be invited to stay at Coron Ecolodge, whose staff took good care of us and arranged everything for us. If you are looking for a clean, cozy hotel that's conveniently located within the heart of the town, you can book at Coron Ecolodge online or call  09064556090 or 09192048824.

  • Where to eat:
Coron is a small town and everything you need is within walking distance including eateries and restaurants. I must say that the highlight of our dining experience was the lunch prepared by our boatmen. We had a variety of fresh seafood and sumptuous meat, refreshing vegetable salad and tropical fruits, which we got to enjoy with a breathtaking scenery. 

Sole Sisters Tip: The best way to cool down in Coron (besides soaking in the sea) is by drinking fruit shakes. Head down to the market for a creamy shake at P30 for a large cup versus buying at the restos.

  • Ways to explore:
a. Do-it-yourself - This is the best option if you are traveling with a big group because it's cheaper to split expenses. You can rent a boat all to yourself at P1,500 and choose your destinations. Besides that, budget considerations should include, snorkeling / diving gear rental, entrance fees (P200-P250/island) and food.   

b. Join other tour groups  (be a "joiner") - This is most advisable if you are traveling solo or with a small group or on a shoestring budget. Coron Galeri offers a package tour, wherein you can join other tour groups (and meet new friends), for as low as P650/head.

c. Avail a package tour via your hotel - This is the most pricey option but it is convenient if you want everything to be arranged for you from your accommodation to airport transfers to island tours; for example, for a 3D/2N stay, prepare around P5,000. 

Planning a trip to Palawan and still undecided between Coron and El Nido? Click the link to check out Coron vs. El Nido Face-off.

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  1. Wow I love this! Your jump shot is cute hehe... The zip line... It's the first time I'm seeing a zip like that! I wouldn't dare falling on the sea =)

  2. Hi! I noticed that your green boat is a lot bigger than other boats. With a nicer life jackets too! Can you share what kind of arrangements you made to tour around the Coron islands? :)


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