What's Your Travel Personality? (The Lowdown Plus GC Giveaways)

Friday, December 28, 2012

In our recent post, we asked you to answer a short, fun quiz to find out what your Travel Personality is. Hold it right there, missus! You haven't taken the quiz? No cheating! Get back to this when you're done.Finished taking the quiz? Sweet! You may now proceed.

In keeping true to our word, we're giving you the travel personality breakdown:

Electric Blue: The Navigator

You know exactly where you're going and what you need to get there. Navigators often lead the pack when traveling in groups. You love being in control and you usually have the confidence to lead the way. 




Deep Orange: The Extrovert

You are constantly surrounded by other travelers. You hardly travel alone, and when you do, you attract people like a magnet. Whether it's starting
 the latest dance craze or organizing meet-ups for travelers, you are always Miss Sociable.




Sky Blue: The Dreamer

Dreamers often thinking about the next big trip. You can always be found browsing through magnificent destinations or talking about that escape. You think big and dream big. But don’t forget to wake up, save for that trip, plan your route and take off!




Pink: The Romantic

The Romantic's perfect scenario is sitting next to the Man of Her Dreams on an airplane or meeting a gorgeous stranger who gets lost with her in an exotic location. You're always on the lookout for that sole mate who will travel with you through the great adventure called Life.



Army Green: The Nature Crusader

You are often talking about Save Philippines Seas or Mali, the elephant who needs to be freed. You pick up garbage and cigarette butts while on the beach. Your dream trip is to volunteer for WWF or Greenpeace somewhere in South America.



Charcoal Grey: The Daredevil

You're addicted to that rush you get when you're trying things for the first time or visiting places you haven't been before. Bungee jumping, fire walking or cliff diving are only a few things on your bucket list- that you've already crossed out! You are drawn to seemingly dangerous activities or destinations. And you want to do it first!




So, which Travel Personality can you most relate to? Can you guess which colors are Lois and Madz? Share your comments below!

And since ‘tis the season giving (and shopping), Hideo Wakamatsu is giving away P1,000 e-gcs!
Here’s how you can win: http://on.fb.me/12SBgdE

Photographer: Ezra Efondo of Goofy Foot Productions
Assistant Photographers: Lois Yasay and Kim Barik
Stylists: Caitlin Recana (@caitlinrecana) and Kim Barik (@kimbarik)
Hair and Makeup Artists: Marie Sy and Madz Rausa
Accessories: Gold Couture

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