Quiz: What's Your Travel Personality?

Friday, December 21, 2012

Glampacking, poorpacking, road-tripping, eco-traveling, cultural traveling, gastro traveling... Phew! The list of travel styles go on and on. That's the beauty of this pursuit, we can shape our travel plans based on what suits our personality. From our choice of destination, our itinerary, even minute details such as our travel bags, our taste reflects our travel identity. Although I admit, sometimes our preferences seem to contradict our personalities. Like in my case, I love the islands and beaches you'd think I'm a backpack/duffle bag kind of girl but I'm a trolley type. More often than not, I'd rather endure the pain of dragging my trolley on the sand than carry a heavy load on my shoulders. But that's just me - hard to figure out.

Lois and I had been talking about the different people we've met on our travels and this inspired us to come up with the quiz on travel personalities. It's something we've devised on one of our brainstorms- just purely for fun. So if you are wondering about the kind of travel personality you have, get your pen and note pad ready!

Here you go:

random cute guy.
Photo Credit: kristel wyman
Scenario # 1: Uh-oh! Someone's lost at the airport - a handsome hunk! What do you do?

a. Share your deja vu moment about seeing him in a dream 
b. Give him your sweetest smile and make eye contact 
c. Impress him with your wide knowledge of directions 
d. Invite him to a Couch Surfing meet later that evening 
e. Never waste a moment and talk about your "Save the Whales" project 
f. Say, "Would you like to get lost with me?"

Running for the Bus
Photo Credit: outside the camp

Scenario # 2: Bummer! Your watch had stopped and you missed your bus by 20 minutes! The next trip is due the following day plus, the nearest hotel is 30 minutes away. You will:

a. Find a nice spot to rest, view the sunset and spend the night strolling
b. Charm a friendly local to let you stay at her home for the night
c. Hire a private transport to take you to the nearest point to your next destination
d. Approach a bunch of locals and persuade them to take you around to kill time
e. Use idle time to share with locals the importance and ways to care for mother Earth
f. Go to your next destination, motorcycle diaries style- rent a motorcycle

Photo Credit: al_green

Scenario # 3: Snap! Your tent's roof ripped and now you've got a size able hole. Then the dreadful happens - it starts to drizzle! You:

a. Find another shelter and spend the night gazing at the sky
b. Scour your stuff for the best item you can offer as a token to your neighbor tent and ask him/her to let you bunk in.
c. Navigate your way back to the nearest village where you can spend the night
d. Bring out your ukulele and encourage new-found friends to jam the night away
e. Look for a tree and make a hammock out of your tent
f. Gather natural materials and build a shelter on your own ala Survivor?

Ayt, pen up! Time to find out the results! Are you ready to know what your Travel Personality is? Watch this video:

More about your travel personalities say about you coming up on the next post. Stay tuned!
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4 sole trails

  1. Had a hard time answering the quiz! :) I answered mostly Bs (the romantic) though, with one C (navigator). Contradictory, I know. Then again, I suppose many travelers are a hybrid of personality types. Mostly I just try to go with the flow, so I suppose all of the answers can actually apply depending on the situation, though perhaps not "a" in Scenario 1 hehe.

  2. Uy ayaw pa amining Romantic! Haha it's just a fun quiz really. Glad you took it Claire! I'm more of the Extrovert orange one- Lois

  3. Hahahahaha! Kakatuwa nga yung mga sagot dito. =) Orange bag - ay, andali niyang makita sa baggage claim!

  4. Scenario #1 - If the guy looked exactly like that, I'd do a F. haha!


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