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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

If you have been following Sole Sisters since the beginning (Thank you for sticking around 1,000,000 views after, we feel your love and we send it back at yah!), you may well know how Lois and Chichi searched and found The One, and that Lois even made a switch. Nope, it's not Jet Li we're talking about but the perfect, trusty luggage. Since Lois and I have been planning for upcoming trips, I reckon it's my turn to look for my Sole Mate.

For a long time, my duffel bag and soft-cased trolley have been my loyal beach buddies. Ugh! A trolley to the beach? I know right, what was I thinking? Imagine my trouble island-hopping and dragging it on sand!

Talk about over-packing, a trolley and a duffel bag for a 3D/2N trip to CDO and Camuigin.
Admittedly, I am was a lazy and poor packer. I tend to over-pack, and that results to heavy luggage that I am not willing to carry on my back, therefore, the trolley no matter the destination. But before you send me judging looks, let me tell you that I am learning the art of packing light.

Backpack, anyone?
(Photo: www.funny.funnyoldplanet.com
Now I'm not going to ditch my current luggage, especially my duffel, because it's convenient for long road and beach trips as it's easy to carry, easy to fit in spaces and water-repellent. But since we plan to sashay around (ok, this might just be me) some metropolitan destinations, I am looking for a chic case that suits my personality and can roll with the rigors of my travel. Here's exactly what I'm looking for:
  • Must be easy to take around - Some thing that can roll with ease and keep up with all my sashaying 'round the city, meaning, light and maneuverable. That's the problem with my existing trolley - it's heavy on it's own even when empty plus, it only has 2 wheels so it can't easily swivel.  
  • Must be spacious - Inversely, the thing I love about my stroller is that it's got a zipped area that transforms into an expandable space. I want my Sole Mate to have enough room and compartment to help me organize my stuff. 
  • Must be a toughieI once made a mistake of taking my trolley to an island trip and since it's soft-cased, imagine my horror crossing the water. Silly girl! I want some thing that has a durable case can stand any weather come hell or high water.
  • Must be reasonably priced - I'm a cheapskate learning to be more practical, I'd rather save whatever I have for travel (and makeup because I'm a makeup artist so that's business) than spend on my many whims so as much as possible not more than P6,000.
  • Must be a looker - I like my Sole Mate to stand out and not get mixed up with other luggage, after all, who does?

I bet former Pussycat Dolls vocalist, Nicole, was singing, "I hate this part right here...". I'm so ready to leave my over-packing days behind. I need your help in hunting for a slender, stunner and reliable Sole Mate.

What about you? What are you looking for in a Sole Mate? Got any recommendations? Share them by commenting below!

Hoping to find my Sole Mate,
Sole Sister Madz

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  1. Haha... That trolley... I remember that!

  2. Angel! Course, there are so many unforgettable events during that trip. ALAM MO YAN! :P

  3. I'm also searching for the one! I'm eyeing this North Face travel series 40L I think hahaha tapos sana color pink para kikay! Hahaha

  4. good luck on your hunting, Kaiye "The Kikay" haha! where's your upcoming backpacking trip?

  5. KL-SG on March! Kayo? :) Naks may tag line na kong "The Kikay" chos! Hope to meet you sa Travel Massive 2!

  6. Somewhere only we know, haha! Maka-kanta lang!
    Uhm, dunno yet eh. Give me a nudge when you see me at Travel Massive, medyo mahina ang facial recognition talent ko. :)

  7. Hi Madz! I'm assisting one of my long-time friends in her discovery of travel and adventure. hehe recently I took her to "Mountain Hardware" shop in trinoma and there she found "the one." It was a 26Lt gray and pink daypack with a lappy compartment and lots of slots/pockets in the organizer section. I was also eyeing a 28Lt pack in purple and yellow so I can retire my 6year old TNF Borealis :) Hope you find yours soon!


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