Isn't a bummer when at times you have to pay for a bottle of distilled water just be sure that what you're drinking is clean and safe? Imagine how much you could be saving to buy booze instead of blowing it on water. I digress. Now we don't have to do that. Thanks to the innovative and cute Bobble Bottle, we can ensure that we are drinking fresh and clean water wherever we go!

Last November 22, I got to represent We Are Sole Sisters at the launch of Bobble. Made in the USA, Bobble - chic, portable, reusable bottle that filters water - is now available in the Philippines starting December 1 at Aura Athletica, Power Plant Mall.

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What I love about this product is, first, it's a product that cares.

It is aligned with my personal cause. I am all for responsible tourism and anything that cares for nature. It could not be underscored enough that we only have one Earth and it would be tragic to see that decades from now, the next generation would only be able to enjoy the beauty of the world through photos and We Are Sole Sisters blog (among others)! No seriously, responsible traveling should not be taken lightly.

Now with Bobble, we save at least 300 water bottles. It means less use of PET bottles, less waste and more smiles for mother Earth.


Second, it makes water better.

I am quite particular with water and I want it fresh and tasteless. You know how sometimes tap water has this metallic taste or some bottled water have slight buko juice after taste (for real!)? I don't enjoy that. (Who does?) So sometimes I end up buying soda or juice, which leave me more thirsty 'coz what my body needs really is water. Now I don't have to worry about that anymore.

The way Bobble works is simple: Basically, the colorful filter cleans water as you drink it. Neat, right? 


Third, it's stylish

We are a believer that backpacking doesn't have to equate to being a frump and that there's always a way to marry both style and practicability. Bobble is quite a fashion statement for drinking water while on the move given its form and function. It is designed by Karim Rashid, a renowned industrial artist who is behind popular product designs of some of the most luxurious brands such as Christofle, Alessi, Umbra and Hugo Boss. Its iconic shape and curvy form makes it easy to carry around.


Finally, it's safe

Bobble is BPA-free, contains no Phthalates or PVC, and it is FDA and DOH approved. It is made to be reused over and over again, however, you need to replace the filter after about 2 months, which is okay because it's a good excuse to change color. 

With all these reasons, you will definitely look good, feel good and do good with Bobble!

Supporting smart products with a heart,
Sole Sister Madz

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32 Responses so far.

  1. Daisy says:

    how much is this? i've picked someone who loves travelling for our christmas party exchange gift & i find this suitable. ;) thanks!

  2. i want this! thanks for sharing sole sisters! :)

  3. Hey Daisy, good idea. It's P595.

  4. Rudy Ramos says:

    It cares for the environment

  5. Pheebiiee says:

    Cool! I love the style and knowing that it cares for the environment. :) This could be my best buddy for adventures and sports!Thanks for sharing.

  6. Claire says:

    It cares for the environment! =) And it ensures you drink clean water too wherever you are!

  7. Clarissa Riego says:

    iIt cares for the environment

  8. Pearl Magbanua says:

    It cares for the environment.

  9. It cares for the environment! Wohoo! Go Green!

  10. It cares for the environment. that kind of product is what we need here in our country, to save our environment.

  11. Gladys Balisi says:

    It's innovative! Only few products are unique and useful like Bobble.

  12. Anj P says:

    It cares for the environment!

  13. It cares for the environment! It helps mother nature in a big way!

  14. Because it can help me avoid buying bottled water during trips.
    Less expenses = more savings = more travel opportunities! :)

  15. Marina :-) says:

    i love bobble because it cares for mama nature! <3

  16. sam says:

    Green travels is a perfect way of recreation and improve your health both physical and mental. Moreover, it helps to discover traditions of other peoples. Green travel to Ukraine is an outstanding opportunity to discover Slavic soul and nature of Eastern Europe. Just see these green travel destinations I bet you will be happy in case you decide to have a Ukraine vacation.

  17. Mina says:

    What I like best about this is that it cares for the environment! Bravo! :)

  18. Jen Horn says:

    It cares for the environment - and saves 300 plastic water bottles! I'm curious to see how it works and to know if it actually works just as well with water in the PH as water in the USA.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Innovative! Yet another proof that we can save Mother Earth thru such innovations! Darlene David

  20. What do you like best about Bobble? It cares for the environment

  21. it cares for the environment! awesome! i hope i win! ^_^

  22. Daniel Kaity Mercado says:

    It cares for the environment!(: as it cares for me!(:

  23. Lea says:

    It cares for the environment! :)

  24. Rob Bert says:

    it cares for the environment! bobble will make mother earth smile!

  25. It makes water better! Makes Bobble'ing more fun and healthy! Nobody wants a dirty water for sure! ^^,

  26. odie says:

    it cares for the environment - will make Mother Earth happy!

  27. odie says:

    it cares for the environment!

  28. kit bautro says:

    It cares for the environment. We are all products of it. Now it's time to give back. We should ALL have one! :)

  29. kutingting says:

    for me it's innovative: both earth-friendly and fully functional!

  30. apol says:

    innovative! :) would love to have one!

  31. Congratulations to the following winners of Bobble giveaway!
    *drum roll*
    1. Rudy Ramos
    2. Daniel Kaity Mercado
    3. Kit Bautro

    Please PM us on Facebook your full name, residential address, e-mail address and cell phone number.

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