Spooky Season Hits - A List of (Supposed) Scary Spots to Visit

Saturday, November 03, 2012

It's spooky season once more and to get into the spirit, I want to know: have you ever visited any creepy destination in the country?

(Such a poser question from a scaredy cat that I am.)

creepy road

I'm a jumpy person and I scare quite easily - I cry bawl, eyes closed while watching horror movies and Magandang Gabi Bayan Halloween Special - but for the love of travel, I'm interested to see if these reputably spooky places are indeed what their label dictates to be:

Baguio - Though I've been here many moons ago, I vaguely remember having creepy encounters from that trip.

lion's head
One of Baguio City's famous landmarks: Lion's head, Kennon Road

A ghost hunter's paradise, Baguio is known for its haunted places from the most popular of them all, Teacher's Camp to Diplomat Hotel to that house where the horror movie "White House" was shot - the Laperal White House.

Laperal White House
The Laperal White House looks seemingly ordinary in photo but people who have been there
in person claim that there's a different vibe to it in reality   

As I read comments and forums about the Laperal White House (at past 2AM), like the consistent story about an apparition of a girl in a mirror's reflection and in photos, I could not help but let out occasional yelp!

Corregidor - I have been here as well, but as a kid I was too ecstatic from playing at the beach all day to care about horror stories.

Malinta Tunnel
Malinta Tunnel - clockwise from left: Part of the Light and Sound show, a re-enactment of the Corregidor battle;
 the tunnel's entrance; and a vintage photo of the life at the tunnel's hospital lateral

As WWII memorial, the island is quite popular for having haunted spots - there's even a Night Tour of Malinta Tunnel, wherein visitors are toured to hospital laterals.

As you know where there are hospitals and dying soldiers, you've got a recipe for a horror story. And get this: at some point of the tour, the guide switches off his flashlight for a few seconds for everyone to experience pitch blackness. I'm not sure whether I'd survive that part without peeing my pants getting a heart attack. Woo!

Capiz, Siquijor and Romblon - Name any Philippine mythical evil creature and monster such as aswang, tiktik, kapre, and sorcerers like mambabarang, you'll hear a mention of any of these provinces.

L-R: Capiz capitalizes on its reputation as aswang territory by holding the Aswang Festival to attract tourists,
a National Historical Landmark, Sta. Monica Church in Panay and one of its bell, which is one of the biggest in Asia 

A missionary friend once shared that when he and some company went to a town in
 Siquijor to conduct a film showing on The Passion of the Christ, the gym where they gathered had experienced thunderstorm like there was no tomorrow. But the odd thing is that the gym was the only spot where it was happening, when you step outside its boundaries, there was perfect weather! And here's the clincher, the movie wouldn't play due to inexplicable technical difficulties. 

romblon siquijor
Nothing but captivating sights in Romblon and Siquijor
Clockwise from top left: Romblon's marble products; Tunggo beach; and
dolphins passing by Tablas island in Romblon, Cambugahay falls in Siquijor
Now I know that with eerie stories like these, imagination is our biggest enemy. But to be honest, after doing much research about these places I got more interested in visiting them not for their paranormal phenomena but for their rich history and captivating beauty.

Hoping to be charmed and not crept out on travels,
Sole Sister Madz

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6 sole trails

  1. nice. i love to visit these places (again). we asked the locals in siquijor though when we were there. even they don't believe in those stories anymore. (or maybe they just want more tourists?)

  2. corregidor!!! tama spooky nga dun
    and also sa mga old hotels outside manila hahahhaha

  3. my boyfriend experienced spooky stuff in Corrigidor! While he was shooting for a film, he had to play dead on the ground and heard a voice as if RIGHT by his ear calling his name. And other stuff with the hotel doors, hotel bathroom like thinking he heard someone inside wash up.. so he had to wait.. but there was really no one!

  4. Yeah, people have kept up with the times and the more I dug about Siquijor, the more I found nothing but enchanting nature's treasures. :)

  5. Agree. Sometimes being old also adds appeal to a place - having classic or retro character - everything's nice and dandy until you think about... ghosts.

  6. OH.MY. you made my eyes water for real! I heard similar stories about a voice calling right up against an ear as if someone's behind them only to find out there's none!
    And what's up with ghosts and restrooms?! It's really one of their fave spots to hang out in!
    I'll make sure to book a day trip in Corregidor but then again, where's the fun in that?


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