Snapshots: Why We Love Coron

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The islands of Busuanga, home of famous Coron, render sensory experiences that leave us enthralledIts pristine, unadulterated islands embody a paradise, its behemoth limestone formations resemble glorious castles, and its diverse underwater life transports you to a whole new world!
As if those were not enough to tease you, we are taking you through a series of snapshots of why we love Coron and why you must go there every time you get a chance:

Recreational Activities
  • Lois: Shipwreck-diving - When exploring Coron, you can create an itinerary dedicated entirely to wreck-diving as the island harbors not one, not two but about ten shipwrecks from WWII. And there are a a couple of sites you can free-dive just as Lois did.
  • Madz: Ziplining - If you get tired going under water, there's another way to sight-see Coron, which is thru ziplining. Located at the recently opened Floating Restaurant in Lualhati Park, the zipline is another fun option to get a panoramic view of the surrounding islands and Mt. Tapyas.


Isn't extra appetizing to eat in the midst of picturesque scenery? In Coron, you don't only feast your eyes, you also literally feast on fresh produce and catch of the day!
  • Lois: Buffet lunch, day 1 -  Steamed crabs, grilled fish and liempo, eggplant salad, rice, and ripe bananas
  • Madz: Buffet lunch, day 2 - Squid adobo, grilled fish, chicken barbeque, cucumber salad, rice, and ripe mangoes and bananas 
Coron Food

  • Lois: Our friendly tour guides made sure we get the best out of our tour - from taking enough pictures everywhere we went (over and under water), to setting up the table neatly and ensuring all the dishes were served before our group lunch (because one of our guides is O.C. like that, haha!).
  • Madz: The accommodating staff of Coron Ecolodge and Floating Restaurant and Zipline ensured our stay in Coron was hassle-free and enjoyable.
Coron Tour Guides

Coron Ecolodge and Zipline


When you've had enough of sight-seeing, cam-whoring, swimming/snorkeling/diving and what not, you can take a rest and do mindless activities such as:
  • Lois: Frolicking on the boat in between island hops
  • Madz: Lazing around all siesta-long on the beach
Sole Sisters in Coron

What do you love about Coron and what makes you want to go (or go back) to this mystical beauty?
We'd like to hear your thoughts! Share in the comments below.

See you on the road, 
Sole Sisters Lois and Madz


A very special thanks to our travel partner, Coron Ecolodge, for this trip! For Coron tours and accommodation, visit: and LIKE it on Facebook.

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4 sole trails

  1. The FOOOOOOOOD! :D I'd choose Coron over Boracay, any time! Tagal mag-Piso Fare ulit ng makapag-book. Lol! :D

    Your photos are gorgeous! And syempre, ang subjects na din :)

  2. Hey Mel, thanks!

    Speaking of food, we had mango shake overload during our stay there.
    Did you know that you could get a huge, creamy glass of mango shake for only P30 at the public market? Winner!

  3. Absolutely beautiful paradise islands and the people too!

    Is the background in one of your photo that of a sunken ship? wala ba sharks dyan :)

  4. Hey thanks Nomadic Traveller! Yes, that's the skeleton wreck of a ship. We didn't see any sharks though.


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