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Saturday, November 10, 2012

We all have definitions of The Perfect Weekend, right? 

What it should feel like, taste like, even smell like! Who should be in the photos. What drinks we should have in our hand. What kind of food who should be stuffing ourselves with. Do we dress up or wear flip flops? Do we sleep all day only to party all night?

Last weekend was the most perfect weekend I've had in a while. I spent 4 glorious days at the newly opened The Circle Hostel in La Union. And all of you may beg to differ. But these are the things you absolutely need to make that weekend nothing short of perfect!

The Circle Hostel14

The Circle Hostel2

 All perfect weekends should have water. Water to bathe in, swim in, surf in, skim in and even just to gaze on. I know that water has a calming effect on most people. But for me, it means I will 1 get really sore after days of surfing in the water or 2 I will most likely get reef cuts and wrinkled fingers and toes from swimming too long. I'm Piscean, so sue me!

The Circle Hostel16
Photo Credit: Lena McKenzie
The Circle Hostel17
Photo Credit: Lena McKenzie
The Circle Hostel11

All perfect weekends should have coffee, peanut butter and bananas. In large quantities. The perfect way to wake up in paradise is to smell brewed coffee, steaming pan de sal and sweet peanut butter and bananas. It won't just fill you, it will give you energy for the day ahead. So you can go cocoon yourself in a hammock. Which brings me to..

The Circle Hostel4

The Circle Hostel3

All perfect weekends should have hammocks. And hopefully you get the type that zips up so people and other pests won't bother you. I'm a big fan of the Driftwood hammocks they have at The Circle Hostel. They're big, roomy and zip you right up. I could easily fall asleep in one!

The Circle Hostel10

The Circle Hostel5

The Circle Hostel9

All perfect weekends should have Art Attack afternoons. Imagine yourself waking up to a place that's filled with colorful doodles from people who just went crazy with paint. At The Circle Hostel you can find art everywhere you look- on the walls, doors, posts and even floors!

The Circle Hostel8

All perfect weekends should have alone time. The hostel has a common area for people to hang out. But if you just want to chill with a book, sleep on the pillows or listen to music, that's cool too.

The Circle Hostel7
Photo Credit: Lena McKenzie
The Circle Hostel13

All perfect weekends should have crazy, silly, hilarious games that make you .. wait.. what was I saying? Drinking games, music fests and all sorts of weird, quirky conversations are welcome at The Circle Hostel. In fact, they are encouraged!

The Circle Hostel15

with Bogart the Explorer

All weekends should have friends and strangers who become instant friends. Because of its unique, carefree vibe and liberating atmosphere, the hostel attracts the same kind of people. It gives you the sense of home and acceptance. It's where strangers become friends and friends become confidantes. It's a place where the best memories are made and cherished.

If you haven't been at The Circle Hostel yet, you're definitely missing out! So let me tell you this: pack your toothbrush and bikini, take a ride and get out of your mind. The place won't be fancy but it's exactly what you need.

The Circle Hostel is in San Felipe Zambales and it recently opened in Urbiztondo, La Union. I'm planning more Passion Play retreats in both venues next year so watch out for that!

The Circle Hostel6

How To Make this Perfect Weekend Trip Happen:


Take a victory liner bus Manila headed for Iba, Zambales. Tell the bus driver you'll get off  at San Felipe. At the town square, ask a tricycle driver to take you to The Circle Hostel in Sitio Liwa Liwa.

La Union

Take a bus from Cubao to Laoag province up North. Tell the bus conductor you'll be getting off at Urbiztondo in San Juan, La Union. If you're driving from Manila. take the North Expressway and drive straight past San Fernando, La Union. Look for the signs saying Urbiztondo on the left side of the road. The Circle Hostel is on a small dirt road right across San Juan Surf Resort. It's still pretty new so it's best to ask locals for directions.

What's YOUR idea of The Perfect Weekend? Share your comments below!

The search is over,
Sole Sister Lois
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