Planning Coron '12 - A Series of Un/Fortunate Events

Sunday, November 11, 2012

30 Days Before Coron Trip - Go or No Go? 

Days surely pass by swiftly and before I knew it, October was approaching sooner than I expected. That meant there's a few weeks left before my longstanding plan - a Coron trip that I had scrambled to book with friends many months back prior to meeting Lois - would take place. Time was ticking away and I was ready to accept seeing our trip crumble to ashes as we had not booked our accommodation and tour. I could almost hear Captain Hook's nemesis, Mr. Crocodile, pester me around. 

Coron PDF
All that sweat for nothing? (A short slide deck on our initial itinerary that I prepared.)

23 Days Before Coron Trip - A Much Welcomed Serendipitous Event, Wahoo! 

It was my first time to meet Lois and we had been talking about a lot of things but not yet about our future trips. Cut to the scene where we were on our way back to our table from our bathroom break, when she mentioned about an invitation to Coron from Coron Ecolodge - accommodation and tour included.

I stopped dead in my tracks (and quite scared her for a moment, I think), stunned, as soon as I heard this. In my head I was jumping, screaming "Shut up! For real? Tell me you are not kidding. Thank God I found you! Yaaaay!" but I managed to hold my composure and not appear as dramatic as in my thought balloon.

So I told her everything above (meaning first paragraph) and the first Sole Sisters trip was born.

DSC_0023 (1)
Keep calm and smile.
On the outside, this is how I prolly looked like the whole time I was with Lois
on our our first day of meeting.

Meanwhile, on the inside, I went nuts in my head after  hearing the exciting plans for Sole Sisters;
more so, when I found out about the Coron invite.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1... At last, the trip!

Up to the last couple of days we still experienced some challenges getting on with the trip but we Lois managed to iron all things out. So we packed our bags and I readied myself to set foot on and explore another para- para- paradise.

Sole Sisters Coron 2012 Teaser from Madz Rausa on

Stay tuned for our next post on our actual Coron trip! 

Lucky beach baby happily reporting for duty, 
Sole Sister Madz 

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3 sole trails

  1. Your so blessed Madz! Keep the travel articles coming, I always enjoy your write-ups!

  2. I am, Cez!
    We know we owe you more travel write-ups, we will make it up to you, guys!
    Thanks for following our adventures! :D

  3. Coron is such a lovely place in palawan, I'm looking forward in coming back to that place with my husband next year


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