Dare to Jump into 1 Day in Camotes Island?

Thursday, November 29, 2012

As usual, I had no plans and no expectations when I decided to go on a last minute trip to Camotes Island. And there's no better companion than my Cebu-based friend, who recently turned blogger, Ayn of Nurse-issistic Travel. His tagline?

No plans = no expectations = no regrets

In retrospect, I wish we took a video of the whole trip. But I'll share snippets of our thoughts and conversations so you can hitch a ride with us to Camotes!

Car Ride

Ayn: We left Cebu at 7AM by car because it takes about an hour to get to Danao where the ferries for Camotes are. Then we're taking the Jomalia Ferry which costs 180 pesos one way and leaves at 8:30AM.

Lois: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... (I had not had much sleep the night before and had left Ayn mumbling to himself in the car and taking care of all the travel arrangements. It's the best way to take advantage of being a girl traveler- leave the planning to the guys!)

Camotes Island1

Boat Ride

Ayn: What a nice sunny day! A perfect day to hit the beach!

Lois: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Motorbike Ride

Ayn: We arrived in Consuelo Port at about 11AM and we're waiting to get picked up by our guide and driver Jofel. We agreed on paying him 300PHP for the whole day including gas.

Lois: I'm still sleepy! And hungry!

Camotes Island2

Ayn: Let's head to Santiago Bay, the most famous beach spot in Camotes, for a quick lunch. I'm having sizzling squid.

Lois: Alright! I'll have some sisig.

Camotes Island3

Ayn: After lunch, I'm going to show you my favorite beach, Bakhaw. The shoreline is not as long as Santiago Bay. But during peak season, this place stays quiet when everyone flocks to Santiago Bay.

We both head out to take a dip in the azure waters of Bakhaw and it's fantastic!

Camotes Island4

Lois: Not bad! Not bad at all! This beach is definitely quiet. There's only that Caucasian couple, a few local kids and us- wading in waist-deep waters! I feel like we own the place!

Ayn: Let me guess. You probably didn't bring a towel!

Camotes Island5

Lois: Wow, you're being judgmental! And what if I told you I did?

Ayn: Show me!

I take out my Pack towel which looks more like a car shammy than anything that would dry me off.

Ayn: I knew it! Let's rinse this saltwater off at Timubo Cave. It's pretty close.

Lois: Sure, let's go!

Off to Timubo Cave

Ayn: Are you ready to go inside? You have to be careful with those rocks- watch your head!

Camotes Island6

Lois: It's kind of spooky in here...

Ayn: That's because it's the home of a Giant Anaconda. I hope we don't wake it up...

Lois: No Anaconda will stop me from enjoying this cool freshwater! But wait, what's that in the corner?!

Later that day...

Lois: Wow, I can't believe the day's adventures are about to end. I wish we had more time here.

Ayn: It's nearly 4PM so let's buy tickets for the Super Shuttle Ferry- that's 180PHP each. It gets here in an hour or so. Jofel, let's head to Port of Poro.

Lois: We're too early. The ferry isn't even here yet. Maybe we can do something nearby while waiting.

Camotes Island7

Ayn: Let's jump!

Lois: Jump where? Wait- noooooo!

Cliff Jumping at Buho Rock

Ayn: Oh yes we are! Let's end the day with a spectacular jump from the 40 feet Buho Rock platform! Game?

Lois: Wow! It's too high! Can we start with baby steps? Why don't we try the 10 foot jump first?

Camotes Island8

Ayn: That was nothing! Now it's time to get serious! Let's do the 40 foot jump!

Lois: Okay, but you go first!

Ayn: Gladly!

Camotes Island9

He goes up the platform and just stands there. He can't do it.  I yell at him to jump which makes him even more nervous.

Ayn: I think it's low tide now. I'm afraid to hit the reef bottom!

Lois: Come on you sissy! Do it! I want to take some photos!

Ayn: Why don't you do it?

Lois: Because it was your idea in the first place! Jump! 1....2....3...

Ayn: Wait! I need to ask the staff if it's safe.

30 minutes later...

Ayn: They said jump at your own risk. Why are we doing this again?

Lois: Because we're nuts. Now go on and jump because our boat will be here soon!

Camotes Island10

Lois: Wow! I can't believe you did it. And now it's my turn. Gaaahhhh... My heart is caught in my throat! This reminds me of that Crater Lake jump in Cambodia. Multiplied by 10!

Ayn: Look who's scared now! Now go and do it as you said you would!

Lois: Okay. Here... we... GO!

Camotes Island11

Ayn: Let's do that again!

Lois: Okay, you go first. If you jump, I jump. Promise.

Camotes Island12

Ayn: Your turn!

Lois: I think I see the boat at Poro Point. Let's head back before we miss it!

Ayn: Wait! I thought you're doing a second jump? You promised!

Lois: I lied!

The Way Home

Lois: See? I told you the boat is here! We almost missed it!

Ayn: Glad we got back in time. What an adrenaline rush huh?

Lois: I feel so alive! That was crazy!

Ayn: You see that in the distance? Dolphins!

Lois: Where? The last ones I saw were Irrawady dolphins in Laos. Wow! What magnificent creatures! Let me grab my camera!

Camotes Island13

Ayn: What a day huh?

Lois: Zzzzzzzz...

Have you ever had an awesome one day experience? Share your stories on the comment below!

Note: Conversations and circumstances may have been embellished by the author.

Looking forward to the next crazy adventure,
Sole Sister Lois
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  1. Ayn | Nurse-issistic travelsDecember 1, 2012 at 1:18 AM

    "Note: Conversations and circumstances may have been embellished by the author."
    I couldn't agree more...hahaha!

  2. Thanks for spending the day with me Ayn and for your patience hahahah

  3. Great jump!!! =) How I wish I could do that also in the near future!! =)

  4. I'm sure you can do it Jun! Post photos! :)

  5. This is 40ft Kaiye! Kaya mo din to :)

  6. Waaaaahhh 40ft convert it to meters.... 12! Waaaaah! 3meters pa nga lang nangingig na ko haha pero sige, try ko pa rin baka mas matapang na ko next year! ^_^

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